HELP - can't turn off cc (closed caption) iPad Mini

I recently updated my iPad Mini IOS9 App and it displays cc (closed captioning) regardless whether it’s enabled or not.

Here’s the pics you can clearly see cc is highlighted and then not highlighted. It does this on LIVE TV or RECORDINGS

My Tablo device is running 2.2.5

App 1.2.2 (85) on the iPad.

FYI - it does not behave like this on iPhone 6+ which shows HTML Application 1.0.22-564/83

Any ideas?

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

In the meantime, you can hit play on the recording, hit the CC button once (doesn’t matter if you are enabling or disabling CC), exit the player, then go back. It will now be in the other state (on/off).

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Sweet, I can work with that. Thanks again!

You’re welcome!

I’m having this problem, too. I’m using a 3rd gen iPad, Tablo is on the latest firmware. Is there an update to how to disable this function for live TV?

There is a known bug… hit the [CC] icon on the video while its playing to toggle it in the opposite directions (just ignore if its showing on or off state with the icon itself) … then exit out of the playing video then go back in.

Yeah i tried that last night but during MNF i just couldn’t get it the captions to go away. Seems to be working again today so maybe i inadvertently resolved. Thanks very much for the quick reply.

PS - the latest app update (1.2.3) has a fix for this issue.

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I tried updating the IOS app and my Tablo is running the latest but now cc doesn’t work at all…

@enyapeoj - Hrm… Just tested this a.m. on iOS 9.1 and it seems to be working correctly. Are you using something different?

IOS 9.1 here. I’ve restarted the iPad but haven’t restarted anything else.

Now it seems to work but pretty much same as before. If I toggle CC and quit the app (I kill it) restart and CC’s on/off.

I’m not testing this on recordings, only Live TV for now. I guess I’ll try a recording and see who that goes?

Ok, just tested Survivor from last night and it’s the same as it’s been since I started this thread. Gotta do your trick to get it on/off.

@enyapeoj - Can you check in your settings screen to see what app iteration it says you’re using?

Tablo Software 2.2.6 App 1.2.3 (86)

So weird… Working as intended here on the same stuff although it’s regular iPad vs. Mini.

I still have the CC’s too. On everything including recordings. I am using an iPad with IOS 9.1 and your app is 1.2.3. Nothing seems to turn them off. Help!!!

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I’m also experiencing the same thing with my iPad mini. Current versions on the Tablo and the iPad app.

OK… may be a min-specific thing. Our iOS guru is looking into this.

Any update about this? I just launched a viewing session on iPad Mini and the CC was blue (engaged, ‘don’t remember how I left it). Captions were rolling and couldn’t turn them off no matter what I did with the CC button.

So I quit the video and reloaded ignoring the blue CC button and now it’s OFF. Is this the way it’s supposed to work?

Would it help if I shoot a video demonstrating how this behaves?

@enyapeoj - There was another bug w/ iOS9 that we didn’t catch this time around.

Apparently CC is always disabled behind the scenes (even if the button is blue), but the workaround is toggling the CC button off then on.

We’re going to work on another fix for this.

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Today after being so tired of CC I tried turning off CC by way of the Apple TV. That worked perfectly. I think Tablo should rethink how they are handling CC. The apps should turn it off on the Tablo. Then all would be good!!