Have to reboot OFTEN! HELP!

Unless I do a hard reset every 12 hours or so, it will say it doesn’t have a signal. Works just fine After I plug it back in…for a while. It is not recording a lot of programs as a result.HELP! 

@Davi75h  - I had this problem with my original tablo after about three months of usage then after 4 months two of the tuners totally died, then a few days later the other two tuners died. Tablo replaced it but it took like a week and a half to get the replacement and you basically have to start over from scratch or wait for them to remotely connect to your replacement tablo and migrate all your old data. There is only one guy in support and support is only 8 hours a day m-f est. In the end I gave up on waiting and started all over with my new tablo. So as for your problem at this point late Friday night you are hosed till Monday morning, then you will have to have them correct and check the logs and take it from there.

Do you mean poor OTA signal? Or you just cannot connect to the Tablo from devices such as Roku or computer?

I’m also seeing that I need to reboot about once every month.  Is this normal? 

For example, I get certain times when it says “Poor signal” on every channel, even when I know there should be good signal.
Rebooting the Tablo fixes it, but I am seeing that I need to do this every month or so.


No my Tablo stays up for months without rebooting. I have mine turned on it’s side so it cools better.

Get a USB fan to cool it, you may notice random issues are fixed.

I was getting weak signal, but what the problem REALLY was is HARD DISK FULL.  @TabloSupport when trying to watch live TV is there some way you could change the message and say HARD DISK FULL instead of just saying weak station?


Like how full? Less than 1 GB free?

I have no issues with 10 GB free on a 320 GB drive.

Like nothing available

Do you mean poor OTA signal? Or you just cannot connect to the Tablo from devices such as Roku or computer?

When it happens again i will take a screenshot but, of course, even though it had been happening daily for a week and a half, it has been working fine since I posted on Friday night, But it was on the Tablo itself because it was not recording anything because of the issue

Thank everyone for your input. Keep it coming!

Possible over heating issue. Turn the Tablo on its side if it happens again.

Ok I tried turning it on it’s side. it has happened again. 

It says:

Player Error
Unable to tune to channel. This is usually due to poor signal.

Keep in mind that as soon as I unplug it then plug it back in, it works just fine…for a while.

The longest I have had it go without needing a reset is 3 days but usually it is every day

From @roraniel - he and other users have bought a USB fan which made their Tablo experience more stable. You plug it into the 2nd USB port on the Tablo.

"You have probably seen my previous posts but I bought this fan and it works great and VERY quiet.

http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001V8AC1W "

From @roraniel - he and other users have bought a USB fan which made their Tablo experience more stable. You plug it into the 2nd USB port on the Tablo. 

Fr m @roraniel - he and other users have bought a USB fan which made their Tablo experience more stable. You plug it into the 2nd USB port on the Tablo.

I am not arguing just seeking to understand. My house is max 70 degrees at any time and the device is not enclosed in anything or surrounded by anything that would trap any heat. I also hardly use the thing. Is it really possible that overheating is the issue?

@Davi75h Have you sent us a note directly? The ‘Weak Signal’ error can occasionally be thrown out improperly. 

It sounds like this is the case on your end - we can take a peak at your Tablo from our end to see what’s going on. Include your Tablo’s MAC in your ticket and we’ll get this fixe dup.

I have a pretty rock solid network. My tablo goes down nearly every day. Tablo support has been involved with this for over year now. I’m on beta build 2.2.13 and it happened again. There seems to be a pattern, though tablo support seems unable to use that pattern to figure out what the issue is. For instance, it almost always drops off the network while it is recording something. 9:30am it records Daniel tiger for my daughter. Today at 9:30, like yesterday at 9:30 it went down. I use PRTG network monitor so i have a complete history of everytime the tablo goes down.

Here’s how far I have had to take it to make this expensive piece of hardware work. I have a power distribution power that allows me to network-control power outlets. I wrote a c# app that PRTG calls when it detects the tablo has been offline (not responding to PING or HTTP/HTTPS requests) for more than 10 minutes. The app will restart the outlet and the Tablo will work again for a while.

100% confident this is not a network issue. I’m using the hard-drive that tablo support specifically recommended. Every time it goes down is will stay down until it is power cycled. Tablo support has logged into my tablo and looked at logs and verified that it goes down due to firmware glitches.

Here’s why is so frustrating.

  1. it went down in the last 3 minutes of the Super Bowl before it went into overtime, so I missed the last minute score that took it into overtime.
  2. It went down when trump was doing his speech about why he fired tomahawk missiles. Had to watch online

So, if it isn’t reliable to watch tv on, or record, I’m not sure what it is good for. I have a lifetime subscription to the guide, so I’ve spent a good chunk of money on this. Yes, using Static DHCP of course. Ethernet, Support actually replaced my tablo last year, but it continued to happen.

What can be done? I’ve been asking if this is typical with my emails to support. I’m glad to see i’m not alone.

My going on 2 years old 2 tuner Tablo has not been rebooted for like 3 months or more now. It has always performed well even back in the early days. But there was a brief time when I did start having unusual issues (requiring almost daily reboots). I finally replaced my old router with a highly recommended Netgear AC one. Those issues stopped instantly.

My Tablo is not on its side or has a fan blowing on it. But I did attach 4 tall adhesive backed rubber bumpers to the bottom leaving a good 3/4" air gap under it.

Do you have a TV with a signal strength feature? If you do, have you ever connected it to the cable that is supplying your Tablo? Are signal strengths where they should be? Does the coax cabling and wall plate connectors running to your Tablo have issues?

Why don’t you list all your equipment and how everything is hooked up etc. There are a lot of very talented people on this form that are always willing to help a Tablo in trouble.