Harmony 650 Remote


Or… better get up, walk a few feet and change the channel.

(and yes, I realize that may not be possible nowadays, but it used to be funny)



I like that better. We will be doing ourselves a favor too.!

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That’s pretty much true of all star ships in the Miranda class. I’m sure Chekov wished he’d had a Logitech when they landed on Ceti Alpha V. Things may have gone a lot differently for he and Captain Terrell, if only they’d had one in the glove box.


Funny name “Glove Box”.

Who keeps gloves in that box nowadays?

Time for a name change.

And when will we finally get rid of that stupid “9 tenths” on the cost per gallon signs?

Guess I’ve lived too long.

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Today’s “Deal of the Day” at $24.99!



I just reprogrammed mine today. Deleted all devices and activities and did it over again from scratch. We haven’t used it in a while and it had devices in it that I haven’t owned for over a year.

Nice price though. Isn’t that like about half price?


It really is a great price. I found one on sale for $39 at a Walmart once, have seen it on sale for that price at Best Buy & Amazon since. At $24.99, this is less than a Sideclick! I really think this is great and love the Harmony product in general.


Yeah. It’s a bit of overkill for us, but it’s useful as long as we have several devices. The bedroom may still get a sideclick though because we’re using a Roku streaming stick+ in there and an IR remote won’t work. Maybe we’ll just grab the tv remote for those rare occasions when we might want to switch to watching live tv on antenna directly.


Sad thing is (or maybe not) I understood everything you said.

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That’s a little scary. But between you, me and the Kazon, these Logitech remotes can be relied upon for just about everything.


Then you’ll also understand why we suspect that cable companies are all owned/operated by the Ferengi. :vulcan_salute:

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How the HECK did that escape me, after all these years??? It fits perfectly into their Rules of Acquisition, I’m ashamed for not having realized this long ago.


LOL, you nailed it. Look up Ferengi on Wikipedia, second paragraph first sentence. Made me laugh.

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I know why it’s cheap. It’s no longer listed on Logitech’s website. The 665 is it’s replacement.


665 looks like the 650 but in black instead of gray


You didn’t think that a retailer like BestBuy, versus the manufacturer Logitech, was selling a new Harmony 650 with warranty for 55% off for altruistic reasons.


After having a Logitech 650 for a couple of years, I have a love-hate relationship with it.

Love the flexibility
Love the (Vast) Logitech Device Database
Love the Learning Function for Weird Stuff like HDMI Switches that aren’t in the Database

Hate the battery life
Hate the Button Lifetimes (mine has a few dead pushbuttons that render it kind of useless at this point)
Hate the Fixed, Limited “Activities”, and the fact that almost all of the Activities require an “Input” (signal source) and a “Display” (TV) Device to be defined. Only “Additional Activities” don’t have that built-in restriction; but they are more than 1 button press to access.

After all this, I decided to “trade-up” to one of these Logitech Remotes:


Yes, that’s a “Refurb”. But it is indistinguishable from new, and about $40 cheaper than a new one of the same model.

The Touchscreen is the key to why it is SOOOOOO much better. Plus, I was absolutely flabbergasted to find that it would happily IMPORT the Settings from my Logitech 650 (using Logitech’s website); so in something under five minutes, I was up and running again!

Just my 2 Euros. :wink:


I have an “Ultimate One”, it’s been a great addition and become one of my favorite “instruments-of-watch”.


If you’re running low, Best Buy has them on “Deal of the Day” again. Sizes AA and AAA.


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You can upload logos to the 650 as well- there are a couple of website out there such as iconharmony that have good databases to choose from, and you can set those up to use for channel favorites in the harmony software. Not as simple and convenient as on the One, but it can be done.

I have a 650, and an older (300?) gathering dust in the closet. Advances in CEC technology allow me to control disk players and sound bars from the supplied remote. And Logitech doesn’t have a solution for using the 650 with my Insignia FireTV, which doesn’t have IR capability.

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