Harmony 650 Remote


I am decidedly on that path.


That M8 was a fantastic phone, it was ahead of it’s time. I have a U12+ (unlocked, international version), something of a modern-day M8. I’ve always thought of HT phones (and tablets) as excellent product.


HTC’s problem is the “lemons”. They’ll have some really great phones, and then a real stinker. Problem is that for whatever reason, people only buy the stinker HTC phones and thus, they’ve garnered a really bad reputation.

(I think we’ve taken this thread about as far off topic now as we should)


Discovered a new feature on the Harmony Ultimate One remote, I really like this. When loading “Favorites” / favorite channels on a device, you can select between cable providers, or (in my case), you locality by Zip and find all your OTA channels. Load the ones you like, in the order you like and they will present when you click the * button on your remote, when viewing.

In my case, I loaded about 50 channels, and it does let you scroll (downward) through the entire lineup, click the one you like and it’s there. I love the fact that each channel is represented by it’s Logo, a very nice little touch. Beginning to find more reasons to recommend this over the 650.


Is that only for Cable? Does that automatically start the Tablo and select that channel for live viewing (how?)?


It’s not only for Cable. When you go to load your channel favorites, it will give you a choice between all the major cable providers by location (Comcast, etc.) OR you can select your local community OTA lineup.

Once you do this it will load all the stations (and sub channels) in the city you designated. You then select which ones (or all) you wish to appear in the physical remote itself. When you’re watching TV, click the * (Star) button and the stations will appear, as in the photo above. Scroll through, click one and your TV or device will tune it.

In my case, I’ve got this set up with my Channel Master Stream + (also works with Air TV player). I can click the Guide button on the remote and scroll through the Grid to select OR just click the Favorites button then select from the screen.


Though you can’t do this for Tablo channel viewing, you can set up an Activity to Turn on your TV, AV system (or Sound Bar), Roku or Fire TV Box and Tune to your Tablo Live Channels with the click of one Button.

You create an Activity, name it “Watch Tablo”, and set it up. Once done, you pick up your remote, click “Watch Tablo” and that’s where everything leads to and starts. You still have to scroll the conventional way though.


Ah, thanks. I didn’t run my antenna to the tv, I only watch through the tablo