Hard driver greater than 8tb?


Any one know what happens if you plug in a driver larger than the 8tb stated maximum?


Likely the Tablo will only access up to 8 TB as it’s the max.

If you can afford a larger than 8 TB drive, maybe you can afford cable too :stuck_out_tongue: haha

From the Tablo blog: “8 TB drive can store as much as 4000 hours which equals 166 straight days of TV”


Mayhap not.

We list 8TB as the max because that’s the largest drive we’ve tested.

With pricing on storage going down, we’re starting to see more affordable 10 TB options on the market so we may have to pick one up to try it out.


Whoa 10 TB, let the hoarding start lol


That’s what happened. Best Buy had a WD 10tb Easystore for $149. I bought it then read about the 8tb limit. I’ll let you know what happens.


Not that you could find one much less afford one, for this purpose, the ext4 filesystem (aka “format”) can address 1EB (exbibyte). That’s just the storage for the programs, then there’s the what ever database system to organize all this.
This is all theoretical, if you had thousands of show’s stored and tablo and to organize each one and keep track of all it’s data, ‘don’t record duplicates’ could eventually take as long as the show would have been to sort.


Even with the extra space, still not enough to record all the small claims court drama!