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I’m trying to get My Tablo quad hdmi external hard drive recordings off my drive to my computer. However, i can’t see the hard drive . How to get my pc to recognize my hd and rip these videos to my pc ?

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you use one of the 3rd party rippers

The Tablo drive is formatted with EXT4, without a new driver Windows can’t recognize the drive. However, even if you have the driver files on the drive are in many small pieces. You won’t see one large video file to copy down to the PC.

Look at Tablo Ripper or Tablo Tools (search the forum for details). These tools will allow you to pull programs off the drive without removing it from the Tablo.

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I was just thinking EXT4 linux !

Thanks for the information and reply :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Still, connecting via PC is the most painful way to get recordings into a single playable file.

Not many are familiar how different the HDMI stores recordings, still not a single file – there is no information as to what the show is. All the guide data and DB info is stored internally on the tablo, one of the issues making it painful.

Ok… im connected to my linus mint 21 and Linux Mint still doesn’t see or recognizing my external hd

I login on my linux mint 21 and it still doesn’t recognize my external hd but when connected to the Tablo it see and plays the videos with no problem.

Update: i had to add it to my virtualbox and now i see the drive but Tablo Tools isn’t recognizing it or i don’t know how to use it correctly.

So i understand… is the whole show in folder example i click on folder 2389 i go in the Seg folder and find 9 videos… 1,2,3 and so on. Assuming the numbers that the videos are recorded in order by number if i stand correct will this also give me the whole show or do i need to jump to folder number 1289 and go their too ? That would be confusing :confused: just trying to understand this…

What i did was installed handbrake and open the program and went into folder “2389” and choose the “seg” and started handbrake. Not sure if this will go in order just yet… im hoping :pray:

Please let me know and thanks :blush:

I use TabloTools from my Windows PC, it connects to the Tablo directly and displays the recorded programs (with the correct program names). I don’t think it can access a Tablo hard drive if it’s not attached to the Tablo hardware.

Interesting experiment to access the drive directly, but as @djk44883 said, you won’t have any metadata.

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If you insist going this path, here’s one option Recovering Show from good drive/dead tablo (via handbrake)

again, painful process.

And one use wroth a python script to extract the meta-data from the backup DB on the drive, then export the show… Extracting Videos from Tablo External Hard Drive

If I recall, it does one recording at a time… very tedious.

These options are more last-resorts, if you tablo pukes and you have a drive full of shows.
Best option would have been to transfer drive to new tablo.

Wasn’t painful at all once I figured out how it was stored. Good thing Tablo is very organized.

compared to any of the 3rd party exporting apps - you don’t really know. even using ffmpeg via playlist leaving your drive intact is less bother and keeps your tablo in service.

True. I had no issues, just the wrong model by a referral :laughing: . Im sure it can be a pain if you had months and months of recording but mine was a month only. I use" losslesscut" took 30 sec to merge each episode. im just glad the video episode where in one folder per episode in the seg … if not, that would be a pain and worst. I would just forget it :laughing:

Correct but the quad model i had was an HTMI. when i grab my drive to the new quad model that supports streaming it didn’t show my recordings. Good thing i have linux. It saved my day. As for the DB browser… didn’t work for Linux when i needed it. Could have made the process a little smoother. But all is good. Good information :+1:

Absolutely! the BEST thing - freedom !!

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