Guide not showing schedule listings for some channels

Our local PBS over the air station shows up in the guide but none of the programs are listed on the schedule. The schedules for other channels appear correctly.

I am using the Tablo app on a Samsung TV but the problem also appears on Android app, Roku app and IOS app.

Is there a way to fix this?

So the channel shows up in the live TV grid and you can play it by clicking on the channel ID, but there’s no listings in the grid next to the channel ID?

That’s certainly something we can fix!

Just drop a note to our support team with the zip code you used to set up your Tablo and the channel callsign. We’ll work on getting it fixed up for you.

I did this yesterday morning but the schedule is still missing today.

It appears that I should have received a support ticket number by email. I have not received it.

If you submitted a support ticket, but don’t see an e-mail confirming the ticket creation, check your spam folder.

I had the team check! We do indeed have your ticket. The acknowledgement is likely indeed stuck in your spam folder.

Stay tuned for a reply from the team. Adding guide data usually takes 7-10 business days between the request and the data being fed into the system.

If you’re antsy, you can try using a nearby zip code to see if the PBS data is associated with that area.

I did get the support ticket email. It came about 1.5 hrs after your email.

Thank you. I’ll check regularly for the updates.

Well, it has been two weeks and the missing info in the guide is still missing…

According to the guide data provider it should show up by this weekend!

If it hasn’t by Monday, please let us know.

It’s Monday and still the data is missing.

Tx for the update. We will shake our fist at them on your behalf. Stay tuned.

It’s Tuesday and the data is still missing. My month’s trial of the non-working guide will soon be over.

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We’ll extend your guide for you until we get this resolved. I’ll arranged for this to happen for you today.

Friday update. Data still missing. :frowning_face:

Is it possible that the missing guide data is permanently missing?

As a work-around, have you tried using other nearby zip codes that would get all the same channels you do? Something with a higher population center in it?

Yes, I have tried multiple zip codes. All the zip codes in our area use the same TV towers but are missing the data.

Then it sounds like the guide provider is missing that channel totally, and it’s not just an issue that it’s not associated with your zip code. Which is a harder problem to solve.

That does seem to be the problem. The data is available on this site: but it would be nice to be able to pick a program to record from the TabloTV guide.

From what our guide data provider can gather, it appears there’s some kind of undocumented translator passing the signal your way. This changes the physical frequency of the channel, which is why this is taking a little longer. We’ve since escalated your case.

Thank you. I hope the problem can be solved.