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Hey, @TabloSupport. I have a possible guide data issue for you. It seems that the Season 2 premier of the show Aquarius was actually 3 episodes in one. It contained episodes Helter Skelter; Happiness Is a Warm Gun; Why Don’t We Do It in the Road however when I look at the meta data for the episode SurLaTablo it doesn’t contain any episode information and the extraction scripts are all labeling the episode by date as S02E16 and not S02E01-E03 or the like.

I am currently running the latest firmware of 2.2.10. I still have the episode on my Tablo so let me know if I can provide any logs or data to debug with.


@TabloSupport please delete this thread. I am sorry for asking for help with an issue. It seems the members of this forum feel the need to badger someone for asking for help.

Since SurLaTablo was mentioned in this, just wanted to let you know that SurLaTablo is doing what it thinks is best with the missing metadata. The problem is the EPG doesn’t really know what do with multiple episodes, so it leaves the episode number (of course, it needs to be a range anyhow in this case) out and SurLaTablo merely fills in today’s day (in this case the 16th) to make up for the missing metadata.

Completely understand and thank you for the clarification.



Anyone? Thought support was responsive to these items…

Support is available M-F. No weekends, no Canadian holidays.

Wow, no kidding? I had no idea…

The post was submitted yesterday morning with no reply or response hence my follow up post. Of course didn’t expect much. Support is so focused on Apple TV app everything else suffers. Oh, wait a minute so have all my other tickets and requests for support with this device over the past 3 months I’ve had it.

I’m not sure what you expected them to say on this thread? It’s a guide data provider issue. They can’t fix it. They can report it, but that’s it. And it’s certainly not going to change the guide retroactively.

And I’m not sure what the EPG provider can do either. If the API doesn’t allow for multiple episode numbers for the same broadcast slot, they’re stuck too. Most of the time I see this, it’s the broadcaster’s fault for broadcasting two episodes back to back with only one guide data entry. In this case, it was three episodes in two hours, which is just plain weird.

I’m asking for them to simply acknowledge the issue and state that it is being looked at. Is that too much to ask? I currently have several tickets open for issues and all have been ignored for months with no follow up. Customer support is everything for a product and unless you are talking Apple TV app or Nexus player around here you get jack squat for support! Also as stated since we have no access to the guide data provider all issues about such data are to be presented through the Tablo folks.

Just like here:

and with others…

I don’t understand the urgency (or the significance of the issue, really). I recorded the episode and from Tablo itself, everything is fine. I get the three titles of the episodes, the episode description, the associated show graphics, and the proper season number and it plays fine. It is missing the episode number, but given it is three episodes in one, there is probably not a lot to be done about that and making programming changes to fix something that comes up so rarely and that doesn’t really impact much seems like a waste of effort. If the problem is in the extracted files - well that is unsupported bonus stuff. Great that it exists, but Tablo/Nuyyo doesn’t have much to do with it. I really don’t know what you expect them to look at - they would likely only come back and explain that this situation of three episodes being mashed into one creates an oddity that the guide provider/interface handles as well as it can.

I have always received excellent customer support from Tablo - much better than most other companies. But this does not seem like a drop everything and work through the weekend to address it type of issue to me. Unless you are seeing something different on your Tablo than I am seeing on mine.

First off, not asking them work through the weekend on anything. You are assuming. I am simply asking them to acknowledge the issue.

Second, if steaming to all devices worked universally for the Tablo it wouldn’t matter much either. However streaming doesn’t work the same on all devices so some people have to do work arounds to get the Tablo to work for them, i.e. extract shows from the unit to watch on another device like Plex.

Third, we are supposed to report issues with guide data to Tablo since we don’t have access to the vendor supplying the guide data to request updates. All that was done here was report an issue with the guide data and request a fix for the incorrect meta data.

Fourthly, nothing is wrong with the show. Never said anything was. I said the guide data and meta data was wrong. The show as extracted works fine but the meta data that extraction programs use is messed up.

Well, which is it? The first is a waste of time, the second isn’t going to happen. But knock yourself out asking.

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It’s not a wast of time when this is how you report issues to the vendor.

What’s a waste of time is badgering someone on a support forum that’s asking for help from a manufacture who’s support system is to use a forum.

Good for you Sparky03 - stand up for your rights!

Much ado about nothing much.

I use Plex as well - when I want to download a recorded show to my tablet for offline viewing. It is great that people have created 3rd party tools to allow me to do this. But when it doesn’t work as expected, I don’t expect Tablo to fix the problem for me - I either try to fix the issue myself or I just live with it. Even though that is the only way I can watch offline because Tablo does not provide that functionality itself, it still does not mean that Tablo needs to support it. If things work properly in the Tablo supported universe - that is all they are responsible for supporting.

I don’t have any issue with reporting guide issues to Tablo, but I think you may be expecting a little too much from any company to correct fixes in metadata from an already recorded show that is incorrect because of a rare situation so that the metadata can be read correctly by 3rd party extractors. And if you just want them to say they read your issue, well, that is a little trifle but perhaps they will do that when the weekend is over.

I just think you should put a little perspective on the significance of this issue. If you have other open issues, those may be more worthy of your effort.

Geeze Spanky03 doesn’t need our lectures.

@Vonda_Z, not expecting anything more then to acknowledge the issue and see if it can be corrected. We are supposed to report issues and until it’s checked on there is no way to determine if it’s a small issue or something that could be a bigger issue. Based on the response here it seems that most people just choose to ignore issues and “work around them” instead of actually requesting for it to be fixed. Again, without looking into it how do we know it is not going to be a bigger issue and start occurring more?

I have already worked around the device not working as advertised by having to extract my content to another player like Plex to even watch the content it records. I adapted and moved on despite the unit not working as advertised. However items like this are key to that work around actually working without manual effort involved and to be blunt there has already been enough manual effort to “work around” the issue already.

So, to everyone that feels this is not a big issue I say great. That is your opinion and you are very much entitled to it. Just as I am entitled to report issues that I feel need looking at. When you post issues I’ll make sure to read your threads and see if I have anything constructive to add. The key word there being constructive.

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@CraigRoyce, that made my night! Just Awesome. :scream:


@Spunky03 We’ve looked at this, and we’re in touch with our guide data provider and are investigating it. Of course, we can’t fixed pats airings, but we’re always working to improve the overall experience. Thanks for the heads up.

It’s possible to implement fixes/different logic in this particular case for the third-party tool. @cjcox, feel free to touch base with @TabloEngineering on this if you’re interested.