Guide Info Issue

Thanks, just wanna make sure it’s not a systemic issue with something in the Tablo. SurLaTablo works around it already by using the date for the episode number if one is not present. It looks like the guide data vendor just didn’t even put one in or did and it was something Tablo couldn’t handle.

Hey @TabloSupport

This appears to be a bigger issue. It seems that it is also occurring to episodes of 20/20 and Dateline.

There was a new episode of 20/20 on 6/24 and it also was missing the correct episode information and appears to have been missing it for some time as I went back and looked at all the episodes for the month of June and they all were missing episode information.

Also, the Dateline episode from 6/16 was missing episode information as well.

So, again there appears to be a bigger issue with your guide data provider then just what was first thought. I understand you can’t fix past airings but it seems that this calls into question the data we ARE getting as unreliable.

This seems to be a bigger issue from what I am seeing and it seems related to certain types of shows. From what I can see the data appears to not be accurate for journalist shows like 48 Hours, Dateline, 60 Minutes. In my Tablo unit the Season and Episode information is not populating. Just the Channel, Date and Time where other shows are giving the Season and Episode numbers as well.

Angel From Hell:

48 Hours:

According to the TVDB the episode for 48 hours on the July 2 is a new episode and I have no idea why Angel from Hell shows all the duplicates.

For Angel From Hell, click on the episode for more information for say episode 6 - I assuming there are 2 entries because each episode is being broadcasted on 2 different channels at the same time.

The Tablo is only recording one entry which is what it is supposed to do.

You are correct @theuser86. I keep forgetting about that option so my bad on that one.

However for 48 hours it shows all the shows as airing back in January of 1988, all 6 of them where at least one of them should be current according to

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@Spunky03 For 48 Hours, our guide data provider is supplying the ‘generic description’ for the show. When this happens, it will show the first aired (ever) date of the show as opposed to individual air dates.

As shows/channels come online, the generic description is usually supplied to start things off. The guide data provider is supposed to receive an updated description (and data, this way we can sort through new/old airings, etc) of the show details.

Since this hasn’t happened, the Tablo has no way of knowing if the shows are old or new - so it errs with caution, and records them all if you have ‘rec new’ selected, since it can’t tell the difference.

We’re opening a case with our guide data provider on this now - they will contact the broadcaster and obtain the correct data.

Thanks for the update.

I understand all the logistics behind this and that the Tablo is doing what it has to in order to cover it’s @$$ but one of the key features that is touted by Tablo from a lifetime subscription is that we get guide data for the shows and the ability to schedule based on that data. We are depending on the data to be accurate since, based on our subscription, we paid for it. We have no other way to get another provider or to discuss these issues with said provider so we are dependent on you (Tablo) as the vendor to accomplish this for us. I certainly hope you can step up to the plate on this and get it resolved since obviously this is not the first time something like this has occured.

I also opened up a ticket for this but as expected, no response back yet to it.

We responded to this thread a few days after it was opened - and I just checked our queue but don’t see a ticket under your contact details. Unless they’re coming from an alternate email address? Feel free to PM me the details.

You’re sending your tickets to, correct? Or through this form? We don’t see tickets go missing often, and we certainly don’t intentionally ignore them.

Correct, my Firefox search has failed me. Updated my response above.

I opened the case from my email that I have access to on my phone so I wouldn’t miss responding should anyone actually pick it up. I provided my MAC address for my Tablo so should be in there regardless of email used but I do understand your point.

I used the online form and have the email acknowledge for the ticket open. Just like the other two I opened months ago that never got any follow ups.