Guide Data only shows 24-48 hours

I recently joined the Tablo community with a Tablo Dual with external USB 2 TB HDD. Not sure it matters but I’m in the greater Austin, TX area. I purchased a lifetime guide subscription so I should have full access to the 14 day guide.

However, after a bit more than a week the guide is still not populating beyond about 48 hours. I can’t look forward long enough to find the programs I want to set up to record. When a program does fall within the available 48 hours I can set it up to record and I can set up the recurring recordings so I believe that means I do have the appropriate permissions within the guide from my lifetime subscription purchase.

What else can I do to get the guide data to populate like it should? I missed the last episodes of This Old House and Ask This Old House this past weekend because we were out of town and I couldn’t set these recordings up earlier last week.

TIA for any assistance.

Are you looking at the Live TV Grid? That’s only 24 hours (except Roku, which has an option for longer).

Or are you looking at the TV Shows list, which should be two weeks worth, but you have to look for a show name since it’s not a grid.

Live TV. So that explains it. Very different from what I expected.

I’m at work right now so I can’t see anything.

So what I need to do is move down to TV Shows list, and then is there a search feature or something? Sorry, I know I’ve seen that screen but I didn’t spend much time there as I just assumed (yes I know) that the grid guide would be where I would search out shows.

And thanks for the enlightenment. I feel pretty ignorant now.

You shouldn’t feel ignorant. It’s a very common issue that pops up for new users. And it really doesn’t take long to get used to setting up schedules in the TV Show, Sports, Movies, etc sections.

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Yes there’s a search box on that screen. At least on the web app, which is my primary tool for setting up recordings. I find it easier to do it there that on a device screen.

Although you’ve gotten your answer, here’s tablo’s explanation to their play-on-words to create such a misunderstanding - guide data vs grid guide

short version

someone decided it’s a good idea like this… not to provide a current schedule beyond today :frowning:

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I don’t think users wanted a live tv grid that takes 10 minutes to load. So it made sense to limit it when it first came out.

Now that streaming hardware, phones, and PCs are more powerful than they were 5 years ago, 14 day grids like on the Roku will likely appear on most (if not all) platforms.

With various takes on Dynamic data, CSS, XHTML and other naming conventions and methods… it’s not like if you click on Interactive new user tutorial - Posts about nothing :) now with polls you’ll get an entire page full with all 320 replies to the topic.

I’d really just like to see what I have scheduled day-by-day instead of tiles of every possible show I have selected to record. So maybe not a live grid, but why not a daily grids? Why should users have to look elsewhere to see what’s on in the days to come when we’ve paid for 14 days… not a collections of show tiles to click’n see.

Thinking this was a good idea, still seems screwy, as others seemed baffled by it as well… having to get use to it.

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Have you looked at the Coming Soon (or whatever it’s called) option on the Schedule page on the Preview apps (Or AppleTV)? It gives a nice list of all the things to be recorded.

Personally I think the grid guide sucks, especially when you have to scroll down several pages worth to see the lines for all the channels in your list.

A collection of show tiles is what users use all the time with Netflix, Amazon, and other apps. It just is different from what cable/satellite DVR users are used to.

It look as though Preview Apps are only available for select devices, I don’t use.

Thank You :wink:

Tiles wasn’t really my choice, I see them as silly pictures when a list of titles would work for me, but that’s me.
I’m not sure if it’s what other apps use as much as other streaming services you’ve mentioned including cable/satellite… Your comment suggests it not so much different as it’s going against generally accepted conventions.
Never seen such a way to find OTA shows, yea it’s different. Not sure users should have to “get use to it” really, but then I wouldn’t think anyone ought to pay for internet connectivity to watch free OTA programming.