Guide Data Is Missing Almost Every Channel

Yikes. I really can’t imagine paying for that lifetime subscription and then waiting a month for the guide to work.
Sure hope this gets ironed out. Already wondering if I should have just gone the TiVo route…

You didn’t get a free 30 day subscription before buying the lifetime subscription?

It said I had one. But I went ahead and got the lifetime subscription thinking that may solve the problem. Oops.

This works for some.

As @theuser86 recommended, try a nearby ZIP code, and rescan for channels.

It’s not foolproof, but seems to be successful more often if I do the following:

  1. Scan for channels.
  2. Don’t add, nor remove any of the channels automatically selected.
  3. After clicking on the ‘Add to Guide’ button, and returning to the ‘Settings’ page, observe the guide status.
  4. The guide status should display download percentages.
  5. If the guide status displays 0%, and then quickly displays the guide just got updated, click on the ‘Edit Location’ button, change the ZIP code to a nearby one, and go back to step 1.
  6. If the guide status displays increasing download percentages, then wait until it completes its multiple pass downloads, and displays it’s finished.
  7. Click on ‘Edit Channel Lineup’, select the channels you want to keep, and unselect the others.
  8. Click on ‘Add to Guide’ button.
  9. Hopefully, the guide status will display like in step 6, and when it’s finished you should be good to go.

I had to change my ZIP code to a different nearby one several times before it worked for me.

You may have seen an overlapping topic which may now be part of your issue. There’s been a new format problem introduced by the guide provider that has required an update to the Tablo firmware to maintain regular overnight, full guide updating.

I got support to send me the new beta, 2.2.15, and it has fixed the problem for me. (After no guide updating for over a week it has now been updating every night, and I first got a fully refreshed guide by manually updating through settings after installing the new firmware.) I did have to reboot/repower the Tablo after updating the firmware to get proper performance, which has not been true for me in the past.

I assume 2.2.15 will be rolling out as a regular 2.2.16 firmware update soon, but you might want to ask to get the 2.2.15 beta.

Already have the latest beta.

Since I don’t generally perform channel rescans, I didn’t notice a problem until v2.2.14.
With that version, after a rescan, and adding a channel, the guide wouldn’t populate for the newly added channel.
A Tablo reboot, along with a manual guide update fixed that issue.

The latest betas have made my situation worse.

I just ran into the same issue. I moved my antenna, rescanned and now there is no guide information.

I had added the Channel Master LTE filter on Friday evening and ran a scan. Added some channels but lost the guide. Emailed support this morning and received a response by noon that version 2.2.15 had been pushed to my Tablo and I would just need to go thru the update process. Did it as soon as I got home from work. Guide is back.

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@kevlp3000 Glad to hear you’re up and running.
@steverib Give us a shout if you’re still having issues!

I still have my same issue that started this topic and it’s not fixed.

@Chadman Looks like our guide data provider is still having trouble getting the data sent over from the broadcasters responsible for the data. We’ve escalated this on our end.

This issue was fixed for me with the latest firmware.

Still waiting…This is the slowest escalation process ever.

Any eta on getting this fixed? I’m a little concerned about this escalation process. My neighbors with cable and satellite get the local guide data. I was told it would be fixed in 3-5 days. Its been a couple months now with half my channels missing.

@Chadman - This is definitely taking WAY longer than we’d like and we apologize for the wait. We have requested that our provider give us an update on your case today. Hoping to get you a specific timeline shortly.

@TabloTV - Maybe it’s time to consider/evaluate other providers - never hurts to look.

@mbellaire While that might seem like a plan, it would require some significant changes on our end and the only other provider on the block is our direct competitor!

Generally these guys are great. Once in a while though things take much longer than we’d like. We’re working closely with their management team to improve their service times on special cases like this.

@Chadman - We plan to speak directly with our management contact at our guide data provider on Monday. Unfortunately he’s out of the office today. Really would have liked to get you some kind of news before the weekend :frowning:

I appreciate the gesture, but maybe you should have had that conversation with them over a month ago. I have a feeling if I was paying by the month this might have been fixed faster. Since I’m a lifetime member there does not seem to be much of an urgency.