Guide Data Is Missing Almost Every Channel

I recently move to Montrose Colorado, zip code 81401. After I do a channel scan I select the stations, only the PBS channel comes up with data. I have a ticket open with Tablo, but it’s taking forever to get anything done. Is there any way to manually add stations to get data? I have tried changing zip codes and that can get me some stations, but then I lose others. I’m not sure why a zip code would even matter. Why would you not use the call sign of the station? I thought they were all unique.

What device are you using to perform the channel scan? Hit Change Location first, enter your new zip code, then hit Scan. Select the channels you want, hit Add to guide. Then wait, it takes a while to download all the guide data the first time.

I have done it from my ipad, andriod, and pc. The scan finds all the channels, but the guide only has data for one of them.

No, I can get the channels when I do the scan and can watch them fine. They are just missing guide data.

Try rebooting the Tablo by briefly pressing the reset button in the back.
After a channel scan, my removed, and newly added channels aren’t updating until I force a reboot.
I mean, the channels themselves aren’t being removed, and new ones aren’t being added until a reboot.
Might be a simlar workaround for you.

How’re things looking? Is the data showing up on your end now?

Nothing has changed. Support said it would be fixed in 3-5 days. It’s now been 3 weeks. I keep getting emails that they are still working on it. I guess if you have a lifetime subscription there is no hurry to fix anything.

I’ll touch base with the team & our guide data provider to see what’s causing the hold up!

Again today I get another email that they have some confusion about the zip code. I really don’t know what’s going on with the tech support, but it’s really poor. The initial email said what zip code I live in, but I explained most of my stations come from a nearby zip code.

I think the confusion here is that your Tablo was originally reporting one zip code, which is the one we filed an issue for - but since the zip has since been changed, we’ve re-opened a new case and have escalated it with our guide data provider.

3 weeks is a lot of confusion. Below is the request I sent and I think it’s clear what my home zip code is.

“I moved and the new location is a smaller town in the USA. We now live in Montrose CO, 81401 and have a bunch of guide data missing. I attached screen shot of all the channels I have available. I also have a sceenshot of the guide that has data. Looks like it only shows PBS and Fox. Can you please get this updated.asap before my wife kills me.”

Yep this still has not been fixed. Last week 2 major network channels were added and 2 are still missing. I sent an email over a week ago without any response.

@Chadman We’re continuing to push the guide data provider, and in turn, the broadcasters for the channels that remain missing.

While the confusion was sorted out in the last update, we unfortunately still have to wait for the broadcasters to send over the appropriate data. We’ve sent another note to our guide data provider to continue pursuing this aggressively.

I’m in New York 11530. Totally blank guide. Installed earlier today and even bought a lifetime subscription

Contact support, mate. They can help you out.

I’ve been waiting over a month without any luck. I think those of use with a lifetime subscription are put at the bottom of the list. How can it really take over month to fix? Good luck.

Thanks. Contacted. Seems silly that I spend all this money and such a basic function requires contacting tech support and waiting till Monday for an answer. Oh well.

Try another nearby zip code, then do a rescan.

Yikes. I really can’t imagine paying for that lifetime subscription and then waiting a month for the guide to work.
Sure hope this gets ironed out. Already wondering if I should have just gone the TiVo route…

You didn’t get a free 30 day subscription before buying the lifetime subscription?