Guide data download

Does anyone know when the guide data is downloaded? Is there a date and/or time when this takes place?

Usually between 2AM and 4AM every night.

You can go into the settings page and determine how many hours it’s been since the last update. That yields the time your unit normally starts download.

Thank you… I have read the “usually” term used often… trying to firm this up. I wish it was configurable.

Well its not configurable but you can always click Update Now. If its not updating automatically each morning then check the subscription status.

you could query your tablo for exact minute - substituting the IP or local name of your tablo for tabloIP:


it will return some JSON data with the time in UTC, you’ll need to calculate to local time. Some browsers, like Firefox formats JSON so you can easily read it. There are command line tool as well.

TabloTV says it’s a popular request for years… but I’m guessing it’s not a profitable feature they can market to justify investing the time.

That is awesome… all I have to do is not update it manually and see when it does it’s job. Perfect…that’s all I need. Thank you a load!