Grid-style guide for live TV

I saw this feature on my Roku when my dog was sitting on the remote.  I can’t figure out how this happened but it was nice.  What button(s) do I need to press?  Thanks

I think we all want your dog now :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could get him to do it again :slight_smile:

I offered him a treat but it was a no go :o3

I want what you’re smoking 8-}

Your dog must have toggled to a different input! There’s no way to get Live TV grid via our current Roku interface unless your dog is actually a member of Anonymous and hacked into our dev servers. 

Ok, but my girlfriend saw it too so it wasn’t just me seeing shit. :-B

Nice pic :wink:


Are you sure the “sitting on the remote” thing didn’t end up doing a (mira)cat to the roku?  Then certainly it would like i/f being casted. (just taking a wild guess)

It was my TV guide :))

I just got the TV so …

Great detail posted today with screen shots
Great detail posted today with screen shots

Damn! You beat me to the punch!!! 

Hoping to post some more stuff as the week goes on so keep your eyes peeled!

lol, what can i say!  i’m excited!

I can’t wait for this to hit.  This is going to make your product SURGE!  

Although I like the look of the newer Roku interface a lot of people have been asking for more sortable screens, so I wish that would become a priority.

@Jestep - what do you mean more sortable screens?  JW…

@PiX64 being able to see shows by name, date/time, etc…

Very hard currently especially in the scheduled screen to know what shows are recording when. It really is just a bucket of you are recording these shows.

Same for Prime Time and Recordings.

Quite a few of us have asked for the ability to sort/ dice and slice the shows many different ways

Oh right… gotcha.  Still got Vacation Brain apparently.

@PiX64 lol, I hear ya there :wink:

I am ridiculously excited about this unified app update for roku, firetv, android tv… i think a little overly


Wow, this looks amazing.  I can’t wait to see it.

@PiX64 i’m with you.  Feels like xmas all over again.