Goes to End of In Progress Programs

I go the recording, tap to start it. It seems to start properly on the ipad. Then I tell it to send it to the AppleTV and it goes to wherever the show is, often ruining the show. I would use the Android app but that one is so buggy it’s still unusable.

@codeslubber That’s odd, we haven’t seen this here. What version of iOS are you using on your iPad? We’ll test against this in the office a little more.

Which version of the Android app are you using? The current app is available here.

He mentions using the Android web app? I thought the iPad was the only device that supports AirPlay to the Apple TV?

Pretty sure it’s 8.x. Will check tonight. Does it every time. I could maybe film it with my cell phone.

As an alternative, to my Chromecast.

You mean as an alternative to your iPad/Apple TV? Chromecast experience hasn’t been great for users due to the Chromecast hardware.

See this thread, they ended up getting a Nexus Player and are very happy:

I have had a chromecast for ages? The problem is not with it, it works FLAWLESSLY with everyone else’s software. Tablo’s software is a buggy mess, that’s the problem. Last night I watched an episode from Nexus 6 to CC and it was flawless, worked, allowed me to skip commercials (albeit slowly), then I went to a second episode of same show. Stuttering stopping pausing ball spinning. At that point, the instincts of the woman of the house asked for it to be turned off and we moved on to other content.

Seriously, I bought the first TiVo and have had pretty much everything in this space. The Tablo is a complete disaster in terms of quality control. Things that NEVER happened on a TiVo, in years of use, are routine. Last night, in one session I had the app start at the end of two shows, once MULTIPLE TIMES!!! It starts at the end, I drag the thumbtack back, then it goes right back to where the show is now! Crazy-making nonsense. Then it cut off a show too.

Quality is just not a primary focus. This will remain a geek/niche product, that much I am sure.

Whenever people say “quality is not a primary focus”, they just mean “it’s not working for me”. I guarantee you that quality is a big focus of for the Tablo developers, and they have done a great job. They do test there releases both internally and through beta testers.

The main issue is that there are a wide range of configurations that are possible in everyone’s homes. There are also better setups than others. I

The Tablo and the Tivo are quite different devices. The Tablo is a media server, while the Tivo is your typical whole-home DVR.

Obviously you didn’t realize how ridiculous your statement is. Not surprising. After accusing me of mistaking anecdotal judgment for general, you proceed to lay out the most obvious opposing view: blame the victim, with a squeeze of ‘there are a lot of configurations.’ Remember how everyone said Android would fail for that reason? In fact, reliability in Android has gone up in the last two releases, by leaps and bounds. As to my setup, the problems I am reporting have nothing to do with my antenna, so that leaves the unit itself, the hard drive and the playback devices. I have something like 5 or 6 playback devices I have used. How many do you have? I have the Nexus 6, the 9, the 7, the 5. Are those the reason I have trouble? Because they are all award winning devices from the same company that brings you android. So if you are going to argue that android is performing badly maybe that’s not the best tree to bark.

Another point: I got the Tablo very early on. It lost recordings, had many complete failures that I have NEVER had before with other options. On one occasion, I came in and reported that it had lost content and was told ‘if your disc has too much free space, it gets confused, we are working on that.’ If there are reasons that these things have failed, great tell me what they are. Just saying as was said on this thread ‘really I have never seen that before, what OS do you have?’ is a joke. Every single time I start a show that is still recording it goes to the end and has been doing that for months. Mainstream consumers will just not tolerate that. Period. If AppleTV or Chromecast were doing that it would be in all the feeds.

Sorry to make you deal with specifics. I have the latest Mac laptop with 16GBs of RAM, 3 chromecasts, 2 Amazon Fires, 3 AppleTVs and countless ipads. Now surely my problems are my not having what you refer to as a ‘better setup.’

How many support tickets have you submitted, @codeslubber? Have you made an effort to get your problems resolved using their support?

As for playback devices, I have two Roku 3’s, FireTv, Chromecast, Motorola Android 5.02 phone, Samsung Android 4.2 tablet, multiple iPhones, iPad2, and several Windows 7 and 8.1 computers.

You are hilarious. If I have equipment that is comparable to yours than writing me off as some poor guy who’s got one crap setup is a joke.

I like your new tack though: it’s my fault that there are still defects because I haven’t written bugs. We are on a thread where I came in to report completely ludicrous behavior… ? Your response isn’t ‘let’s figure this out,’ it was ‘so it doesn’t work for you, moving on.’

The other problem with your argument is when you read the threads on here, what I am saying is neither a stretch nor really just a reflection of my experiences. You do realize that if you get 100+ episodes of a show, the only way to get rid of them is to go into each one and delete it, right? How long have people been begging for relief from that??

So yeah, it’s just my kit. Thanks for the input.

My advice is for you to submit a trouble ticket to help resolve your particular issue.

Per usual, @snowcat is right

Yeah per usual, the community forum is a pack of hyenas that support each other in claiming that all problems are the user’s making. Thanks for your useless comment.

I am going to get the last laugh though. I have a LOT of equipment and am going to make a movie of these easily repeatable experiences and post them where the whole world can see them.

Was using an iPad Air 2 today and the show was in progress and it went to the end on starting.

Hey I’m probably keeping you from offering your ‘help’ to someone else who noticed undesirable behavior. Go forth heroes. Glory awaits.


When you say the “show was in progress”, do you mean it was currently recording?

If you press play from the Live TV Grid for a show that is in the process of recording, the video starts playing at the Live point in time. Yes, that is not the beginning of the recording, it will start at whatever point the OTA stream is at.

If you go to Recordings rather than the Live TV Grid and select the episode that is recording then it starts from the beginning.

This is normal intended behaviour, not a bug nor an issue.

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Yeah, Dude, I know that. I was navigating from Recordings, and it happens every time.

This thread is on its way to giving that legendary one about the hotel soap a run for its money. Thanks so much theuser86, your service to the community is both distinguished and invaluable… lol.

@codeslubber - Sorry to hear you’re having issues. As our users have suggested, it’s probably best that you contact TabloSupport.

And please try to keep the discourse civil from now on.


Glad the definition of civility around here is clear now: blame the user, but do it politely, dismiss what (s)he has to say based on incorrect assumptions, then high five your buddies and go back to sleep…

I’ll post my youtube link when my video is ready…

Have a good day! :smile:

I’m sorry you feel that way. It was not my intention to blame you for the issues you’re experiencing. I simply suggested that you contact our support team to get assistance.

You’re welcome to chat about the product either positively or negatively on this board. We simply ask that you treat others with respect.

Well as I said, I believe to dismiss someone’s problems without any information is to show them ZERO respect. Note I was a perfect gentleman before that.

The stupidest part is this thing is almost a great product. But it’s not. Clearly, treating reports of malfunctions in this manner is probably a big reason why.