Goes to End of In Progress Programs

Question: if you are not AirPlay’ing to your ATV does it go to mid-recording as well? Or only when using AirPlay?

On my iPad Air if I access it through the Recordings section it starts at the beginning.

Yes starting where the show is currently (not the beginning) ONLY happens when using ipad/airplay. I have an ipad mini and tried an Air 2 the last few nights. Thought maybe that fixed it, but then it did it last night using the newer, beefier ipad.

The Android app just doesn’t work in so many ways it’s unusable. Once the position is fixed in the ios app, it tends to play the 2 shows without a hitch. On Android, per my earlier post, it will behave for a while, then it starts choking. Being a programmer, my guess is the android app is managing resources poorly and running out of memory etc. But when I try to use it (latest version on a very beefy android device), it rarely works for very long.

@codeslubber - Are you using the app marked ‘Tablo Web’ in the app store? Just want to confirm you’re not using the older native Android app which is no longer supported.

You mentioned it’s the latest so I assume yes.

If you haven’t reached out to Tablo Support yet please do. They should be able to help understand what the root cause of these issues is.

Yeah I am using the newer Android app. This still happens all the time…