-- Free Lifetime Guide? Is it a legit Tablo site?

Interesting. I see no high value in doing that (mpeg4) as it’s not a bridge or anything. It’s expense for very little gain (in fact, really no gain).

To transition to ATSC 3.0 broadcasters need spectrum. The FCC auctioned off any available RF. So broadcasters could lighthouse ATSC 1.0 on RF’s as mpeg-4. You can jam more channels on a RF if you are using mpeg-4. Freeing up RF’s for ATSC 3.0 and 4K broadcast.

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As I said will not be long before every channel is 4.

It appears they now own Tablo. The future of TV is up in the air - The Verge

I believe antenna man said mpeg4 could carry more stations in the same bandwidth. That sounds correct to me and he is usually in point.

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Perhaps true, but it’s not just Tablo tuners that won’t handle it. Pull this trigger and shoot yourself in the foot. That is, “a bridge to nowhere”.

Sounds like it was part of the 1.0 standard but not adopted by all tuners. I hear it’s hit and miss. Obviously a miss for Tablo. I would love to get an idea of what percentage of tuners support mpeg4.

I don’t think the tuner actually cares what the codec(mpeg-2 or mpeg-4) is. But tablo use to use the pixelworks solution for video processing and it probably does. And whether some of the older or even newer CPU’s support mpeg-4 is unknown.

When you can’t separate the tuner from the rest of the device it’s a distinction without a difference unless a firmware upgrade is possible.

Yep, that’s why non compatible devices receive signal fine and have audio just no video.

Not really. Network tablo’s use the CPU to transcode mpeg-2 to H.264 other products just pass the mpeg-2 on to any STB for processing, if any, and playback.

I refer you to my prior post because I can’t separate the tuner from the CPU.

I can. Other products don’t use the maxlinear tuner and a completely different CPU. They don’t need the pixelworks software stack or functionality API’s.

I also have an OG model and if I remember correctly it may have a maxlinear tuner but it used a panasonic demodulator.

Then as Mitch Hedberg said “Cut 'em up!”

I’m just saying such a statement would not have flown originally. Tablo is very very confusing now. Half of the KB makes zero sense in light of their full product line..

Just thought of this today, but I wonder if this is just another initiative like that is a result of E.W. Scripps acquiring Nuvyyo last year…