-- Free Lifetime Guide? Is it a legit Tablo site?

It is a great deal but I was grandfathered in with my lifetime guide and I think I can add up to five tablo. I have two of the four tuners tablo. But I am waiting on the new 3.0 to come out before I buy a new one.

Just doesn’t pass the smell test. Yes, it certainly looks like something Nuvyyo is offering, but in a semi-secret way. It gives you what “Tablo” truly needs , that is, free lifetime 14 day EPG (to remain competitive). But they’ve repeatedly said it’s simply not possible for them to do this. Again, I think this is interesting, a good thing, but I have reservations. Too good to be true?

Maybe trying to burn off non MPEG 4 models for new capable.

According to Whois is owned by E W Scripps.

From their website: Today we are one of the nation’s largest local TV broadcasters, serving communities with quality, objective local journalism. We also reach nearly every American through our national networks business, including news outlets Court TV and Scripps News and entertainment brands ION, Bounce, Grit, Laff and ION Mystery. Audiences can find all of our brands over the air, over the top, on cable TV and satellite and through digital platforms.

Yes, it is legit! I asked @TabloSupport about it… is something new they are trying out.

That site has been hanging around since November. You would think if tablo really wanted to clean out the units asigned for this discount they would just post a response in this thread.

Amazing, bizarre, but amazing. Great way to save hundreds of dollars (and more) on a Tablo device. With all the changes, it was getting harder and harder to recommend. I may have to recommend the device again.

(those of us grandfathered into what was in the past, realize that Tablo, apart from this deal, has not been a great deal for a bit)

Is there any confirmation from Tablo that the include program guide is the full 14-day with the other features like remote streaming? Or is the just the basic 1-day guide without all the extras?

Unless they’ve introduced “something new”, in the past there has just been the “two”, so in order to get the “full featured” Tablo, it would be a lifetime 14 day guide.

But the question remains if it is the “full featured”? The website does not say it is full featured. And it makes reference to watching “in your home”. The website looks more and more like carefully crafted wording to sell a Tablo with the one-day basic guid that’s always free.

(Don’t get me wrong…I love my Tablo! But the new gettablo website looks like a marketing trick. Especially with the abscise of any comment here on this site/deal from Tablo.)

Read what @DarrenWasHere wrote in this thread.


Also, it’s not just for a Tablo Duo 128, there are several options for many models, including 4 tuner ones… you just pay normal price but still get the free lifetime sub.


I am not sure it would come with lifetime free guide as Tablo stopped that before.
Why would they give $150 guide away they could still be selling?

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If it is indeed lifetime would be interesting if like before it is the owners to transfer to another Tablo if they want to, or tied to the device like Tivo does. A few days ago when I posted in the MPEG4 thread, I thought to myself offering a low cost lifetime guide would way to raise value MPEG2 models if a update could not fix.

Are these special “GetTablo” service transferred to another device, as currently allowed with paid subscriptions? How does a guide service differ from a guide subscription?

A current annual/monthly user could, theoretically buy an $89.99 128GB Dual LITE and have a subscription paid in less than 2yrs (Annual rate $49.99), transferring it to their current already in-place setup.

It does not use “lifetime”, just no contract no fees or subscriptions. All their “regular” adds include “trial” and “subscription” - small monthly fee. GetTablo uses guide service. Presume if something happens to your device, you can swap it to another?

If you have an original lifetime sub with multi units and one of those OG units burn up can one of these be swapped into the original lifetime sub. Or maybe you don’t need to.

This is 100% legit. Just got mine yesterday and it was a BARGAIN. Got the Moho Arc Pro antenna ($79) and the 128G Tablo ($99) for $99 total. Plus, the code they gave me for the guide doesn’t seem to expire. It changed it from “30 day trial” to “subscription active.”

If you are shopping THIS is the deal!


I concur. I just got mine yesterday, and after I set up the 1TB QUAD Tablo, I easily applied the activation code they gave me for lifetime guide subscription. I originally entered my serial number with a leading space because that is what it looked like in the suggested format. When I refreshed my subscription on the Tablo, it still showed up as “1 month trial”. Fortunately I went back to and did a “Replace device”, got rid of the leading space in the serial number, and voila! Everything is working and I have lifetime guide.

So I’m trying to understand why Tablo is offering this incredible deal, and the only thing I can come up with is that ATSC 3.0 is going to be big sometime in 2023/2024, so these tablos will just be door stops if Tablo doesn’t get rid of them now while they still have good value.

I would say ATSC 3.0 will be “big” in 2027 or even later.

IMHO, there is a different reason. I think it makes the platform more appealing. There’s still quite a few people out there (believe it or not) paying USD$200+ a month (not including Internet fees) for “cable”, and many are finally getting sick of it. But there are more choices now with regards to OTA with DVR. This makes Tablo a very viable option cost wise.

With that said, OTA wise, content is becoming “less” (talking new top tier content). Local sports however is still very much a thing (knowing that the lion share of subscription costs are for/to ESPN).

Interesting times. Lots of variables. Lots of unknowns.

“Top tier” content may become more interesting as broadcasters figure out how to “monetize” their ATSC 3.0 content beyond old school advertising revenue. But it may make OTA unbearable, we’ll see.

Everything will be MPEG4 long before 3.0 is anything.