Just got my DUO from GetTablo.com - this deal is awesome!

Hey Tablo fans, just wanted to share some data points on the current bundle offer. Wow, this is a great deal!

Last week I saw the Tablo bundle offer from gettablo. com on Facebook, and I was pretty skeptical. A Tablo Duo 128, Mohu digital antenna AND the program guide with no subscription fee for only $99? Sounded too good to be true. And from a Facebook Ad, which I never trust.

But, the ad was posted by the Official Tablo FB page, and they were responding to questions asked. So, I hit them up on messenger, and they answered my questions and it felt legit.

And it was! Right after placing an order I got an email from Tablo (store @ tablotv. com) with instructions on how to activate my “FREE ‘all-in’ TV Guide Data Service.” No idea what that was, so I messaged Tablo again.

Me: is the free “all in TV guide data service” the same thing as the subscription version on this page? Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo
Tablo: That’s correct. It’s the same service, but it’s included in the bundle deal

This week I got the delivery, and sure enough, I was now the proud owner of a Duo 128 and a Mohu antenna (which I didn’t need, but it was only $10 more than the non-antenna bundle, so why not?)

I’ve only had it a few days, but I was able to test out Tablo Connect, and it worked flawlessly when I was away from home.

I admit, I am still skeptical that the data guide is really a trial, so we’ll know in 30 days. But, when I added the data guide code I was emailed, the guide section of the App changed to “active.” I am optimistic!

Happy to answer any questions!

Note: on the site the bundle has different options. So you can get a DUO or for a little more, the Quad. And if you don’t want the antenna you can get just the box and subscription and save $10 (so $89 for just the DUO and so on).


Since I am a newbie, I can’t post more than 1 photo or link, so here is a little more info.

Link to bundle: https://gettablo.com/
Pic of the deal I got:

Close up of the Duo - it was brand new, not a refurb.

Message from the App after I activated the code Tablo emailed me to get the free program guide.

Example of the ad on FB, there are several, and each look a little different, but all ads are from the official Tablo Facebook page, and all point to gettablo.com

I may get this for my brother. Is it the same 14-day guide I have with my existing tablo that I pay an annual fee for?

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Best I can tell, @MSR, the bundle includes the full 14 day guide. Does not seem to be a 30 day trial. The bundle comes with the “all in” guide data, but seems like the old lifetime offer in that there is no monthly/annual payment. Tablo confirmed it in a chat. Also, I was emailed a code immediately after purchase with instructions on how to activate the guide. There was no mention of a trial, and when I entered the code, registered my email, the app displayed the message below in the Settings section > Subscription > Manage My Subscription panel. I think it had trial there before.

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So they are giving away a $150 lifetime guide with a $99 bundle?

So @rkkeller Tablo isn’t calling it “lifetime” instead they named it “all in” - but it sure seems to be a lot like lifetime. This is what is shown when I went to redeem the code Tablo emailed me.

It seems to imply the code is tied to the device and works as long as you own the Tablo box. But I really don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s just marketing words trying to simply the tech talk for the average consumer.

Regardless, this all-in service has a guide with no fees and no end date, plus it has Tablo Connect.

Also @rkkeller you can check my FB chat transcript w/Tablo above, in the post. They confirmed it’s the full guide. But I totally recommend you try messaging them in FB (they reply within a day) or just calling them. They’ll be straight with you about it and answer your questions.

Tivo changed term from lifetime to all in a few years ago. As I said in other thread would be a good way to clear stock if they have a MPEG4 capable network model waiting to come out.

It definitely feels like they’re cleaning house. Or might be a market positioning experiment

Maybe they are clearing out the models that had low sales volume. They already have 2 network models and 2 HDMI models. Why continue the dual 128GB and 1TB models. Inventory isn’t free. There is money tied up in unsold models.

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well, there are many different options such as the quad of Technoblade Posters

Both of those models are marked as “Sold Out” on the Tablo website. So, I think you are correct that they are clearing out merchandise that they no longer want to offer.

There is confusion here since a full guide can still be 24 hours only. They call the 14 day guide an enhanced guide https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043907831-How-to-Enable-the-Enhanced-14-Day-Live-TV-Grid-on-Roku-Amazon-Fire-TV-Android-TV/

I seem to remember that you use to be able to buy the 128GB and 1TB models on amazon. But they have been gone for a while. maybe these are the ones returned from amazon.

I have one of the original 64GB models that I use just with the internal flash. It’s been a good unit. It’s been a backup for my OG units that are 8 years old. I would buy a 128GB unit if I had spare real estate on my splitter amplifier.

Good info, and right now @zippy if you needed a backup device to have on hand, you can get a Quad on this bundle for $159 and get the full data guide with no expiration with it.

That seems to indicate that the code is connected to the hardware and is valid as long as you possess the Tablo box. But I really doubt that is the case. I believe it’s just marketing speak meant to make technical jargon simpler for the typical customer like that at at Wilbur soot shop

Did someone or a bot just rewrite my comment using different words? That’s really odd