FYI - Android App update includes compatibility for tablets running Android 4.1

Yes, we do have an update to our Android app that lets us run on tablets running Android 4.1. Check it out at

Cool.   Though you should have someone update that page.  It still says " Screen size must be 7”+ and must be running Android 4.2+".

Thanks @snowcat - been meaning to get that updated! So much to do, so little time :) 

For clarification’s sake, does 7+ inch android screen mean more than 7 inches or 7 inches or more?  The reason I ask is because I have a small off brand tablet running 4.2 with a 7" screen that the play store says is incompatible with the app…

@jbanks25 - Should be 7" or more… Google has to recognize the tablet to allow the download so the fact that it’s an ‘off brand’ might the the reason why you’re not able to access it. 

Can the TabloTV app be sideloaded into Amazon Kindles?

Hey @Angus - We have a specific app for the Kindle Fire waiting for approval in the Kindle app store. We’re doing our best to get it pushed through but it’s taken A LOT longer than the iOS or Android apps. 

In the meantime you can use the web-based app on your Kindle. 

@TabloTV Thank you. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome @Angus!

You mentioned you have specific app awaiting approval for Kindle Fire, please please tell me you also submitted an app for Amazon Fire TV?     Fire TV could arguably the best device for interfacing TabloTV on a regular tv and provide the end user an easy way to have a regular EPG unlike other options or Roku “channels”

I do not believe that Tablo has started working on it just yet.  They are still ramping up dev to my understanding and trying to get a full time roku guy/gal so their android guy/gal can get back to waht they do best :slight_smile:

Once the Plex TabloTV Channel is released, you will be able to use that on the FireTV in the meantime.  It will provide you LiveTV, Recordings,  Not sure if this last feature will make it into the first release or not.

@7up - It’s something we’re very interested in but we haven’t quite gotten there yet… We now have 2 Android Devs, 1 iOS (and we’re close to getting a second) and we’re looking for another person to handle Roku/Chromecast. 

Having the Roku/Chromecast person will enable one of our Android guys to take a closer look at FireTV. It seems like a neat platform. 

@PiX64 is right though - you will be able to use Tablo through Plex on the FireTV once that’s released.  

Does Plex allow for EPG?   I understand you guys are still in development mode but please do consider making a dedicated FireTV app.    It shouldn’t require a total rewrite of your existing Android app and give the end user a similar experience to using a Tablet but for the big screen.     

Plex doesn’t allow for EPG AFAIK. Plex is not an android app but a client server architecture that allows for channels (written in python) to supply content to the Plex ecosystem including all devices that have Plex apps or DLNA capabilities. Fire TV has a Plex app so it will run the Tablo channel plugin if its installed on Plex server… Does that answer your question?

Yes, thank you.  I guess what I'd like to see is the same grid style EPG and similar user experience on a regular TV as you get on a tablet.   Sounds like Plex really isn't really that solution.     Roku is a nice device, I'm just not thrilled about the "channel" style format compared to a regular EPG and would just like to have all/most of the same features on a regular TV as using a tablet.   

Hey Tablo, 

Did you see whats coming?    A remote friendly Android app (Fire TV and Android TV) makes a lot of sense

Google tries to ride this same horse every few years and falls off every time.  Maybe they will get it this time, they certainly have the resources.  But for all the other neat things they do, TV seems to be their weakness.

I’d agree GoogleTV wasn’t great but Chromecast has been a succesful product

My Sony Google TV Blu Ray player was really expensive when ti was new, and completely abandoned by Google in less than a year…  It could ahve been so much better.

Any news on Smartphone apps? I have a samsung galaxy S4