Frustrated very very frustrated

New to Roku and Tablo. Tablo gets my local channels but 9 times out of 10 will not load and I watch the never ending death circle as it attempts to load. I can’t get cbs on Roku because they don’t yet have an agreement in my area. I’m about ready to go back to att.

The Roku is the ‘presenter’ of the Tablo. So if you are trying to watch CBS on the Tablo using the Roku no agreement is needed. So as part of the setup an app was needed on your phone or tablet. If you were able to do that are you able to view the TV channels on the app?

What version of Roku are you using? Are you using WiFi? If so do you have good signal strength?

This is the Roku I have.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K | Portable Roku Streaming Device 4K/HDR/Dolby Vision, Roku Voice Remote,

I have the apps installed on my phone and laptop.

My Wi-Fi strength is strong. Tabl just doesn’t load. Im watching the death loop now.

(I’m assuming that you are using the new Tablo Gen 4 tuner. Correct me if I’m wroing on that assumption.)

As a test are you able to watch using your phone?

Is the firmware up to date on the Tablo?

I know Roku has its problems but I haven’t seen one so bad that the app would not load.

I’m not having much luck on my Express 4K+ either with the tablo app.

Posted about it here:

I have the Gen4 2 Tuner Tablo.

I have added more info to my original post that I linked.

I got my 4k+ working wirelessly now.

Maybe my post can lead you in the right direction.

You don’t mention what kind of antenna you’re using, but what about the signal strength? Even if a channel shows up on the scan, it needs a strong signal to work well.

I did… I use the standard Antenna indoor (30 mile range antenna) that came with the bundled Tablo. The antennas are 14 miles away as a birds fly. I got full bars during the channels scan. I also got it streaming property too.

Do you know how far your OTA antennas is from your home?

I can watch on my phone. That works. I’m using the antenna that came with the Tablo bundle.

Make sure you are running the latest software on the Roku. The latest is 12.5.5

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So at this point I would verify your WiFi network. Generally a 5 Ghz network is preferable to the 2.4 Ghz network. My experience with the spinning ‘circle’ (buffering) is that there is congestion or interference on the WiFi network. If there are other apps used on the Roku that suffer from buffering that would further point to a WiFi network problem.

In my link above… it seems like you would need a decent wireless router to handle that load.

That’s a constant 8-12MBPS per second hit to the router’s horsepower (cpu/mem).

A $25 Walmart wireless router won’t cut it.

I’m new here and have had my new 2 tuner 4th generation Tablo for 4 days. I use a roku ultra on one tv and roku streaming stick on the other. I really haven’t had any problems and the problems described here kind of surprise me.

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The people without problems would rarely post. My rokus don’t have problems. even my 2013 roku 3. Makes you kind of wonder why some have problems. Others don’t.

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Depends on model and wired or wireless. On the Ed Roku I use Zlrhacy because the 5tj gen just does not work
To many fancy images for limited memory of Roku