Frequent unable to find tablo

I have been getting this error more and more lately. Pretty much daily. I unplug the power adapter and wait a few seconds then power it back up…it works fine until the next time. In the past this was very infrequent but during the past couple of weeks it is pretty much daily. Any suggestions?

One more thing…I am running the previous firmware version after I was rolled back a few months ago because of a known issue (according to tablo support). I continue to get the update needed prompt and select not now (was told by tablo support to do this until a future update is released)…any idea on when the next update is due to come out?


Sorry no help from me - I’m having the same problem and I’m about to try rolling back firmware to 2.2.10 but it sounds like you’ve already done that. Problem seems to have been going on a while in general - hopefully Tablo fixes it soon. Tablo cannot be found....EVERY SINGLE DAY

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When they rolled me back about 4 months ago I was told they knew about the issue I had and that a fix would be forthcoming but probably not until after the year starts. It’s puzzling that it has taken so long for something that is pretty much a tablo killer. I realize it is not happening to everyone but it happens enough that they are aware of the problem and the fix is to rollback the firmware…

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I am experiencing this as well using g 2.2.10 and the LG app. Come on @TabloSupport let’s get a better release out and better smart tv supported apps.

I also have been having the same problem… actually had it happen Tuesday night WHILE watching a show… it just disconnected and couldn’t find the Tablo… ended up having to pull the plug and restart it.