Four Tuner Pre-Orders Shipping Next Week!

Hahaha @PiX64 - It’s only June 5th! That’s hardly ‘mid June’. :) 

We’re working on getting the 4-Tuner into the channel so we can start shipping. We’ll let you know when we’re getting closer. 

The 4-tuner is awesome (I am an indiegogo supporter) 

After about a week of use now I remain impressed - definitively worth the wait.  Love the roku support (so much cheaper than buying TiVo minis to put throughout the house).  Plan will be to ebay off my two ota Roamios after Tablo has some sort of download episode api/interface (similiar to TiVo2go or kmttg).

Keep up the good work.

@jskenney Really happy to hear…this is the same way I am going to be set up. Have everything, except my 4 tuner. I was not aware of the indiegogo option until it was too late. Would of, could of should of…Again thanks for the post, makes me feel good about my purchase.

So far it has been rock solid, and unike the TiVo’s I can mount it inside of my structured wiring box and forget about it.  I’ll buy a second one later.  I use one roamio to record the 4 primary channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) and the second to stream through the house and record the remaining channels (CW, PBS, etc.) and with the kmttg software pull all new shows off to store in the long term plex server, this set up has worked really well for me in the past.  

The tablo has been much more stable on the ipad app then the tivo has been, and considering that rokus are dirt cheap as compared to TiVo minis… 

Once everything is set up, I’ll sell the tivos on ebay which should cover these things 2-3 times over.

Glad you’re loving your Tablo @jskenney

So once pre-orders close, how long until those bad boys ship?

We’re planning to start the shipping process on Monday the 16th which will mean depending on your location your Tablo could ship Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. 


Can’t wait!

But I want it nowwwww! (whiney inflection) - My OCD is killing me. :wink:

OMG OMG OMG! asside from running them in parallel, what should I do with my 2 tuner Tablo ?

@Angus - Is this you? :slight_smile:

/me whistles innocently (while twitching).

Soon my friend! Soon!

Good news. I should be finishing up the Sopranos that are on Amazon Prime by then. Looking like Monday the 23rd is my estimate for my delivery in California. I’m sure worth the wait.

They are starting to ship as plan. I received notification that mine is on its way. 

"A shipment tracking number will be provided to you within two business days."

I’m in Sopranos season 4 of 6. It is a race now to see I can finish prior to receiving my 4 tuner model. I’m also hoping the new web app will be out then. 

@a9erfan - Yep, we’re processing orders today so we can provide the ‘paid’ list to our logistics teams.

US orders will be leaving NY on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week depending on how quickly they can process them. 

That would just about match my estimate of Monday the 23rd delivery in California. Was hoping I might get lucky and receive prior to next weekend. Do they ship 4 business days or faster?

It’s USPS priority which is supposed to be 3 days within the continental US but sometimes they don’t quite make the 3 day window from NY to Cali. Let’s hope they do! 

I received mine next day once you guys sent me a tracking number… im in IL so maybe cali is different :slight_smile: