Four Tuner Pre-Orders Shipping Next Week!

*** UPDATE #2 ***

You should have confirmation that your order has now been charged. Keep an eye out early next week for tracking numbers!

*** UPDATE *** 

Pre-orders officially end Friday at 1 p.m. ET. Get your order in now to secure your 6 months of free guide data and an extra bonus of $10 off as MSRP for the 4-Tuner will be $299.99 once it hits stores. 


In case you missed it, pre-orders for the 4-Tuner are now open and include 6 months of free guide data.

Get the scoop here:

Yes! Yes yes yes. Four?

@TabloTV - Great news!  Are the 4-tuner and 2-tuner units the same size?  Have any pics?  Did your engineering department have to install a fan in the 4-tuner unit to control the heat generated by the extra tuners?

@mbellaire - To the naked eye, they look virtually identical. We crammed all of the awesome of the 4-Tuner into basically the same footprint of the 2 tuner. 

We didn’t include a fan but did include a slightly different heat dissipating bottom plate that acts like an oven mitt of sorts. This makes the 4-Tuner a few millimeters taller than the 2-Tuner. 

$289 w/four tuners, Nice! Don’t have to worry that the Supreme Court is going to bif up the Aereo case or wait another 5+ years before the move into my small market if they even do or worry about ISP caps or slowdowns. Perfect solution with Tablo.

Hurry up and get on Amazon so I can sell my 2 tuner used and get the 4 tuner in it’s place lol

Hopefully shipping from Tablo direct will be as fast if not faster than newegg :-). I ended up ordering my dual tuner from new egg so I could get it next day.

Shipping within Canada is super quick. Shipping to the US takes a bit longer (especially depending on geography) as we have to send order details to our US facility in NY state to be processed there. That process takes a business day or two (depending on what time you order). And of course if you live in Los Angeles, it’ll take longer than if you live in Syracuse. :) 

Long story short, sometimes we might beat NewEgg but sometimes not. They ship from massive distribution warehouses whereas our logistics processes are on a much smaller and less automated scale. 

And @jbanks25 - No Amazon yet but we have some additional partners in the works. Stay tuned!

Anyone else compulsively checking their inbox for the glorious “Your 4 Tuner Tablo Is ready to Ship” email?

@PiX64 - The only people who have those already are folks who selected the 4-Tuner as an Indiegogo perk. There’s at least one already in the wild! Stay tuned :) 

Any chance of a 2-tuner model buyback program?

One can dream…

Sorry Max! 

Has New Egg stopped taking orders for the 4 tuner model? All their site shows is the current model.

@PiX64 - Why yes, yes I am. :slight_smile:

PiX64 Plano IL…I am and can not wait. I’m in Naperville by the way.

Wahoo! :-). Waiting sux. Where abouts in Naperville?

@GeorgeKaplan - We’re only taking pre-orders for the 4-Tuner on our own website. The unit will be available in the channel when pre-orders are over.

PiX64, Washington and 75th, you?

Ah nice, I was over there just yesterday.  We are actually in the Yorkville school district of Plano so just barely in plano.  Plano address yorkville schools.  Rt 47 and Rt 34 ish.

Any Update @TabloTV… something… ANYTHING?