For Tablo Support: Weak Signal Solution

I found what is causing the ‘Weak Signal’ problem on a lot of people’s Tablos. It is a blocking issue caused by the data transfer rates of the USB drives. I put in an old 4GB flash drive just to get it all set up. It has a red, flashing light when it’s getting access. I noticed it would flash, then I would get a ‘Weak signal’ almost immediately (iOS app, but similar message on Web app and Roku App). It became apparent your software is blocking on the data writes before it sends out the stream, due to the fact that you include DVR functionality. My antenna signals were 5 green dots so I know it wasn’t actually a weak signal. So, to test, I lowered my resolution to the minimum and was then able to stream a station to my ipad. Then I would go back to the guide, try another station, and then get ‘weak signal’. This is because it was still flushing the buffer of the previous station to the very slow bus of the flash drive. Yes, I am also a programmer. Hopefully this will help you. This is still an error, but only somewhat of a user error of not having a fast enough drive. It is primarily a marketing error in that you did not convey, and need to be explicit, in terms of your minimum write speeds accepted to be able to stream the server, and the minimums for each resolution. You should also check the write speeds and give a better error to the end user, along with the write speed detected along with minimum write speeds for that resolution. Hope this helps - Mike


thanks for looking in to this, I have a quad without any drive (it’s delivery is delayed a week) and I’m on latest firmware as of 11/2021, Tablo is plugged in to router with Ethernet and I see this error about once a day. Reset button does not help only unplugging the unit helps. The unit seems warm but not hot. I have an amp that splits cable on going to Tablo and one to tv, I can guarantee there is not an issue with signal as Tablo reports full signal and the tv is able to get all channels without issue.
Issue seems to be alive and well in nov 2021
It seems to happen when changing channels

To watch more than one live stream, your Tablo will need a hard drive. And on a QUAD DVR the previous channel(s) will attempt to stay tuned while you’re going to the next channel so you can quickly switch back.

This should disappear when you have your drive connected.

(Also, P.S. it’s best not to revive very old threads and instead start new ones.)

Thanks for fast reply and I will get hard drive and set up properly… if I have issues I’ll make new post :grinning:

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