Flickering/split screen issue

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned but the issue is only 5.1. 5.2 and 5.3 seem ok.

Ha. Just saw the email. Thank you.

There have been accusations that CBS is behind this… while it seems to be localized to a specific broadcaster.

I’m all for conspiracy theories, but unless this is a pilot program, how can you say the network is behind this? …if is a deliberate effort?

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While I was visiting area 51 this weekend, I overheard Fox Mulder whisper it to Dana Scully.

I Want to Believe.


Just checked. It’s working for us now in Chino Valley, AZ.

PHX 5.1 seems to be working now on my phone, fixed already?

While I also want to believe, the truth is a lot less out of this world.

We heard back from the folks at KPHO and they’re looking into the issue on their end. It’s possible that it’s related to them adding Dabbl (5.3) to the lineup.

Hopefully we’ll be able to work towards a resolution sooner rather than later.

I’m still going to wear my tin foil hat just in case.

Thank god I can order Ultra-Thick Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil from Amazon for next day delivery.

I’m doing my Quad crash test now to see if it’s fixed. Will report back.

Edit: Ok that would be a No, still not working if I try to record KPHO 5.1

More Edits: After 4 reboots it appears to be ok now. Recording at 8Mpbs

yay!!! good job! 5.1 KPHO being received perfect again. Great cooperation between kpho and Tablo. Thank you.

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Mine is working now too! Thanks to Tablo Support for getting this fixed!

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Thanks @TabloTV! The issue appears to be resolved. I really appreciate you working directly with the broadcaster to resolve this issue so quickly. I love my Tablo again!

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Woot! Glad to hear it folks.

They switched to a backup system for tonight which seems to have done the trick.

We’ll be doing some testing tomorrow to make sure the change sticks when they switch back to the main systems.

Seems like they have an idea as to what caused this, so that’s at least some good news. Hopefully they don’t bugger it up again when they switch.

I can also confirm that CBS is being received just fine right now. Thanks to Tablo for jumping on this so quickly.

Mine seems to be finally working again as of tonight. My 4 tuner just did a continuous reboot if it was tuned to, or recording CBS channel 5 here in Arcadia area of Phoenix. I subscribed to Youtube TV that cost $50 just to keep the wife happy. Now I have to convince her it was just a (another) hiccup. All in all it has worked pretty good for the 3.5 years I have had it.

Yes. The issue of the channel scrambling was bad enough, but the fact that tuning to that channel would wreak havoc with my Tablo in general was very disconcerting. Everything seems to be ok now, with the exception that the graphics on recorded shows don’t fully populate as quickly as they used to. It’s weird because some are there as soon as the tab is selected and others aren’t (they are blank).

Even if CBS 5 doesn’t scramble again, it would be nice to know what they did that could cause so many issues with things besides their own channel.

When you say they’re blank… Are they blue with text like you’d see without a subscription? If so, that would be an entirely different issue. Worth checking on when your last guide data update was and/or delete/re-add the app to force a fresh resync.

It updated about 4 hours ago and I just did a new update. The blanks are more like green with 3 dots. It takes a few seconds, but then the graphic/poster comes up on those. I guess what I thought was weird about it was that more than half the shows have the poster showing upon entering the recordings tab and it doesn’t seem to matter how long ago those shows have been recorded. I do have a blue one with text, but that’s for a manual recording which I figure is normal.

Not that big of a deal to go thru delete/re-adding the app. Just thought it was worth mentioning with all the issues that CBS Phoenix has caused lately.

I’m in Queen Creek (as mentioned long ago :wink:). Got an email from Tablo last night. They contacted local CBS affiliate. Today, it appears that CBS has “fixed” the issue. It looks good now!

Here in Maricopa AZ CBS was working last night after the split screen issue, but now I can’t get CBS at all - just a spinning wheel trying to connect - all other 70 odd stations come in fine. Anyone else have a problem?