Firmware 2.2.26 on Samsung TV

Just received my Tablo Quad and trying to connect to my Samsung TV. The Quad will not connect because it says the App needs to be updated. The Samsung App on the TV is 1.3.1 installed on 12/21/2018. Called Samsung and they said they do not have a App update from Tablo. Is that correct? How do I get a update so I can get this to work on my Samsung TV?

You need the tablo app on your tv is the samsung tv a roku tv?

Following your link and clicking on Samsung in the Smart TV section

Samsung Smart TVs running the TIZEN OS are one of two proprietary system Smart TVs with a native Tablo app.

So I’m not sure why is being a roku tv an issue? Using a Roku device might be a better choice in the end, but that may not be why the spent all the money for this TV.

As I said I have a Samsung TV with the Tablo App. The App is version 1.3.1 which was supplyed to Samsung from Tablo on 12/21/2018. Samsung said that Tablo has not gave them a update App to version 2.2.26 so it will work with the new Quad Tablo. I am trying to find out if that is TRUE. Has Tablo given Samsung a new verson ot make my new Tablo Quad WORK. Why would I want to use a Roku on my Samsung TV when It already has a Tablo App?

2.2.26 is the firmware version for the Tablo unit itself. It has nothing to do with your Samsung. The app on your TV will work fine with the Quad, you just won’t have the new commercial-skip feature, and maybe some other newer features.

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When I click on the Tablo App on the Samsung TV The Tablo App says you need a updated app of 2.2.26 or higher to work. How does this have anything to do with Samsung when it is the tablo App that is displaying this not Samsung.

What’s the firmware version of your Tablo? Try using the web app to connect and see it.

The firmware on the Tablo Quad is 2.2.26. The App version which is on the TV is 1.3.1. The App found the Tablo Quad but it will not continue the install progress until it says I get a updated TV app.

  1. Is Samsung correct that Tablo has not given them a updated App?
  2. The TV updates all the other apps it has like Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Video, and so on.
  3. The tablo works on my other TV’s with Roku but I use the Roku to make older dumb TV’s into smart TV’
  4. I don’t want to use a Roku on a $1,400 new Samsung TV because of a App update.

Its probably time to log a support call with Tablo.

I don’t know what the current app is for the Samsung, but the numbers are NOT the same as the firmware version. The web app version is 1.7.1.

First thing I would do is delete the Tablo app from the TV, then re-install it. If it still doesn’t work, contact support.

Hi Mhibsch. I’m puzzled about the version you’re seeing. I have two Samsung Tizen o/s TVs. Both show info in the Tablo app under
Tablo -> Settings -> About:
Tablo device: 2.2.26
HTML App: 1.1.12 build 36 (from 2017).
Both TVs say the app is up to date. I even tried uninstalling, but I get the same version on reinstallation.
As to why use the Roku app when this Smart TV app is available… this version of the app has several shortcomings that make it a bit painful to use. They say an update is in the works, but it’s been that way for quite a while. The Roku app gets much more dev effort

Couple things here, now there’s some info

So you do have your tablo device setup and configured and otherwise functioning, on other viewing devices?

That sounds like a screwy development “good idea”. Don’t install on newer firmware!? As you’ve probably discovered the current firmware 2.2.26 is separate and should be more-or-less irrelevant (to a point) to the app. If there is no update… you should consider contacting tablo support!

I understand not wanting to add another device when you shouldn’t have to. They advertise your TV as supported. There is an argument for consistency amongst all your viewing devices… and, as noted, other (popular) apps/devices are routinely in development. And I’m not even a proponent of data mining OTT proprietary devices :anguished:

Samsung also made Roku tv sets that is why I asked.

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Ok… I’m intrigued. Only because I “believed” that Samsung in no way, shape or form, made a Roku TV… what model?

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I believe the confusion relates to the Roku Channel app being available on some Samsung smart TVs:

Confusion… maybe. Confused… indeed.

You make more sense. Not to say there isn’t a Roku made Samsung TV, but it’s less likely than just accessing the Roku app via a Samsung smart TV.

I guess that is way to bad for him. Because if he would have bought a Roku tv like a TCL series 6 model his stuff would of worked. But because he decided to purchase a minor player in this market I guess he will need to dump his Tablo. Sorry I have a life way beyond watching TV but at least I have more sense to buy the major player in this market versus the wannabees.

I tend to agree with your logic, but see your conclusion in error. You provided a link to claiming it’s a supported device. Their choice may not be the first for some, but clearly not a mistake.

I’m not sure what you have to apologize for concerning your life, but you don’t know the journey other’s have been on as to why they may be watching TV as though it’s so condescending to do so.
As for commonsense to differentiate a Roku based TV like the TCL and a TV with a Roku app as the Samsung…

The minor player @Ghostmaker referred to is Samsung, not Tablo.