Firmware 2.2.2 drives "Loading, Please Wait"

Since the 2.2.2 firmware update Tablo has become unwatchable on both my Roku 2 and 3 with constant “Loading, Please Wait” resets. Prior to this update all was working very well. I have done a soft reset on the Tablo, the Roku 2/3, reset router, reset the wifi modem, and nothing works. I have been able to stream Sling TV and other Roku channels without issue. I have no Tablo issues on my iPad and my internet is strong and high speed. I thought I might manually redo the firmware update but can see no way to do that. I do not want to do a factory reset on Tablo as that would make me lose all saved recorded materials. Any suggestions?

Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions, but after months of flawless performance from my Roku’s Tablo app (in regards to the Loading message - Reboots have been another issue) - even while on the Beta for 2.2.2 for the last month, I’m just now getting the “Loading” message frequently as well.
I’ve done a factory reset of my Tablo, a factory reset of my Roku, and reformatted my harddrive…with no improvement.
For me, the issue is primarily seen playing shows recorded from 720p OTA broadcasts (I’m using the Tablo 1080p recording quality setting). But now I also get the Loading message watching 1080i broadcast material as well, although this appears to be much less frequent than the 720p broadcasts.
That and the reboots when FF have made what was my favorite Tablo player now my dreaded Tablo player.
Sorry this doesn’t help answer how to fix, but hopefully you see that you’re not alone with this problem - and that going through the trouble of factory resetting everything seems to be a large waste of your time and effort (and a general pain in the butt!!)

Went to the non-beta Tablo Channel on Roku and there is no issue. Tablo needs to test the new firmware with the Tablo Preview Channel.

I spoke too soon - what I described seems to be true on Roku 3 - no reloading message but Roku 2 still has the issue.

Before I saw this thread I posted the same thing on the 2.2.2 announcement thread. Mine is a Roku 3 on wifi, Tablo wired. Never a problem before. And Plex plays perfectly, though through two switches that Tablo does not go through.

Non-beta Tablo Channel on Roku? Please explain, including how to get it.

More re: non-beta Tablo on Roku: how to verify which I am using now?

Table has a very poorly developed Roku App and a very nice Tablo Preview App (beta). The Roku Tablo App is the one most folks easily access. I did post a bit too soon and have found the new firmware simply does not work well with Roku… Period! This is all rather frustrating but am confident it will rise up on the fix-list as Roku is a primary means of accessing Tablo. I have reverted to streaming through my Apple TV until the Tablo support folks return from holiday. I hope Tablo gets itself embedded into the new Apple TV that will be announced this week.

CrisFix, I am actually having the issue with live TV and have not had the “reloading” message be a bother at all while playing recordings. I have reverted to streaming via Apple TV until Tablo support gets it fixed.

Oldmike - the Tablo channel icon for the beta channel has the word “Preview” set diagonally across the upper right corner.

Same issue here, everything was fine until the upgrade yesterday. Now watching recorded shows loading please wait comes up constantly while watching. Happens in both the preview and old app on a hardwired Roku 3. Is there a way to downgrade back?

I think the issue people are having here is with the 1080p recording quality when recording 720p 60 fps content. The new firmware records to a 1080p 60 fps format. The Roku is having issues with the 60 fps playback.

Can everyone posting to this thread report their ‘recording quality’?

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Original Tablo channel is a public channel found in the Roku Channel Store, here is the link to it. This channel does not have a grid for the Live TV guide.

Preview Tablo channel is a private channel, it is not found in the Channel Store. It must be added via a private link, here it is:

Record capability set at 1080p

I found the older Tablo/Roku was still installed, I was just ignoring it. Tried it; no better. So now I can watch nothing, either recorded or live, on Tablo.

1080p; I have changed it to 720p - Tablo/Roku. We’ll see. I guess what is already recorded is just unwatchable.

Is there a way to go back to the previous Tablo rev; if so, would I lose my recordings?

My problem has not been with recordings but rather live playback of OTA TV

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I have recording set to 1080p but the PBS I record is 1080i and the issue happens. I’ll have to try live TV to see if it happens there.

I was recording a show at 1080 and the reloading message persisted. I cancelled the background recording and changed the setting to 720p and all has been stable for 10 minutes.

When you change the recording quality from 1080p to 720p, you need to either power cycle the Tablo, or cycle all your tuners for the change to take affect.

I have encountered the same “loading…” Issue when trying to watch live or recorded shows when I am watching Tablo through my Roku 3. Is there a fix in the works? Or has anyone come up with a fix?

Yes, exactly the situation. Tablo recording quality setting set to 1080p - which is required to “enjoy” 720p/60 broadcasts.