Firmware 2.2.18 BUGS

After receiving the update on two Tablo 4 tuner boxes I now need to press an extra step to get a channel to play. I thought “enable fast live tv” was to speed up playing live shows not create more clicks on a remote to play them. Is this a bug or feature?

Extra step on Apple TV remote:
When on live channel watching show press “menu”
Use touchpad ton select show (program) from TV guide
Tap touchpad to select
Tap touchpad again to select to watch program
Tap touchpad a third time to play the Live program

*The extra touchpad tap is also required to play recorded shows. It’s as if the program is buffering whether or not it’s live or playing from a recorded show on my hard drive. This “buffering” will leave the live or recorded show frozen an indefinite amount of time until I tap the touchpad to play it.

I’ve noticed this same behavior in the last week or so.

Also, the play/pause button on the Apple TV remote no longer plays or pauses, nothing happens when I press it.

I forgot about the play/pause being broken after the update. I almost bought another remote thinking it was defective until noticing the other Apple remote on the second tv has the same bug.

Would you be using an AppleTV OS beta? I noticed the play/pause not working after installing the most recent beta, but after downgrading it’s working fine again.

I am having streaming issues with my LG TV app. It plays for a few seconds then stops to buffer for a good amount of time…then plays for a few seconds…then buffers…

Not sure I read this correctly but when I am watching live TV on the Apple TV I just scroll down to the channel i want (The actual channel listing on the left, not a particular program/show) and select it and go straight into the live broadcast.

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Yes but this is only experienced within the Tablo app, no other apps have this issue

I noticed the same behavior and started a thread here
The common variable on the thread I started was we all have the the latest 2.2.18 with the Beta tvOS 11.3

@MotobikeMan what you describe is what had been the behavior but now we get the program starting directly to a frozen(paused) screen and must hit the remote touch pad to get it playing.

Huh, just tested mine to be sure I wasn’t crazy, launched into a playing stream as expected.

Hey there @imagine_engine - We did make a few changes when you click on the SHOW ID to provide access to the advanced recording features in 2.2.18 on the Apple TV.

As @MotobikeMan mentioned, if you click on the CHANNEL ID you’ll be watching live TV in a snap.

We will however be investigating the remote compatibility issues with the latest TVOS beta.

Issue resolved after latest Apple TV update :grinning:


This is very strange, after I opened tablo app on

my iPhone while at home that lets me watch live TV and recordings were still says syncing
Wired AC Apple TV 4
I can watch live TV and recordings off the Apple TV as well

Stuck saying syncing for 45 min and counting

.18 installed then I

Apps updated
Rebooted modem/router