Apple TV starting live TV in paused state

My Apple TV (4th generation) recently began a behavior I’d never experienced. Historically when I selected a channel to play the show currently airing would buffer for a few seconds and immediately begin playing. Now when I select the station, the buffer happens and then a paused picture appears. Once I click on the Apple remote again the show plays as normal. I’ve driven my self nuts trying to figure out why this has changed or if I have something selected that is causing the behavior. My android devices, browsers, and other apple devices don’t do this they beginning playing without the extra step. I’m currently using the latest firmware 2.2.18 on a 4 tuner device. Apple app is the latest release running on TVos 11.3
I’ve rebooted the Tablo, the Apple TV, uninstalled and reinstalled the App with the same results. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve noticed this same behavior for the last week or so. When I start a recorded program, it loads in a “paused” state, and I have to click the touchscreen to start the program. For days, I thought it was just broken, I restarted everything, no changes, it took me awhile to figure out.

Same with live tv, when I select a channel, it brings up a loading screen spiraling icon, but never starts until I click the touchscreen again.

Also, the play/pause button on the Apple TV remote no longer works, I have to click the touchscreen to play or pause, which is fine, it’s just not the way it used to be.

I’m getting the same issue. I am on a Tablo 4 tuner device, hard wired ethernet, latest firmware 2.2.18, and on both 11.3 Beta Apple TV 4K devices and 11.2.5 tvOS on Apple TV 4K am seeing this issue. Tune to a station it’s sitting in a paused state.

Also, keep an eye out, because I’ve seen oddities where after I start it up in the Apple TV app eventually it drops the hard drive and claims no tuner is available any longer forcing a reboot of the Tablo again. I’ve tried removing the Apple TV app, restarted all devices to no avail. I don’t see this on the web UI or the Roku app.

It’s quite annoying especially w/ the eventually freezing up of the Tablo unit itself.

Dell are you also on the AppleTV beta OS 11.3?

Yes, I am.

I think it’s logical to assume there is some compatibility issue with the latest firmware 2.2.18 and the AppleTV beta OS 11.3 given all three of us seeing this issue appear to have this combination of factors.

Hi folks - Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve passed this along to our Apple TV team. Stay tuned!

Hey folks - Apparently Apple released a fresh tvOS beta yesterday that should correct this problem.

If you were seeing this issue with the last tvOS beta, would you mind updating and letting us know how it’s going?

We do have a workaround if need be, but if the issue has already been addressed we don’t want to add unnecessary code to the app.

I can confirm that updating my tvOS beta today has solved this issue for my Tablo. Thanks for the follow-up!

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