FireTV Stuttering Issue

This has been discussed but I’m having stuttering issues when viewing live TV where there is a short pause every minute or so as some have reported with the FTV. This makes it impossible to view live TV. The interesting part is that I can watch live stutter free TV using FTV through the Tablo Plex channel. So in the meantime, watching live TV on FTV can only be done through Plex. I have the latest firmware .28. This is also happening on both FireTV. Live TV is not an issue on the Roku 3. FTV and Roku 3 all running the latest firmware and app. 

Do you get the “Buffering” writing comin up?

The “buffering” does come up but only for about 10 sec. Not a major issue. It’s the stuttering that makes it impossible to watch live TV. I can live with the buffering. 

Can you record a video of what you see with your smartphone and share it here?

I’m not sure a video would be of much use. It is a very short pause every minute or so while watching live TV. It’s annoying and makes watching live TV a terrible experience.

To workaround the LiveTV stuttering issue, I have been having good success using the video player from the Android phone app with the FireTV GUI.  Just uninstall the Tablo video player ( on your FireTV and sideload the Tablo Video player ( for Android phone and you should have NO MORE stuttering for LiveTV.  You can sideload an Android app called “App Backup and Restore” to remove the FTV Tablo video player ( and install the Android Tablo Video player (

Btw, @Teregon what FTV firmware version are you running ?

The worst part of this is I have not seen any acknowledgement from @TabloSupport that this indeed is a bug and they are working on fixing it and that’s very worrisome.

I’ll check my FTV firmware once I get home. How do you download the Android Tablo Video player ( without an android device. I Googled but can’t seem to find the link.

Hummm…maybe ask @TabloSupport for the video player and while you are at it, open a ticket for this issue.

@Teregon @lowbee 

There are some existing issues with the FTV player that we’re working hard on. We’re doing some final testing/polishing over the next few days. Hopeful to push this out soon. Sorry for the wait on this!

@TabloSupport so the New Tablo Video Player (v1.6.3.0) for FireTV just updated automatically and it is NOT better than v1.6.2.0…

The v1.6.2.0 used to stutter and now the v1.6.3.0 fixed the stuttering but turn it into BUFFERING…
I uninstalled the new Video Player (v1.6.3.0) and go back to WebApp Video Player (v1.5.0.26) and LiveTV is silky smooth…looks like you have more work to do on the FireTV Video Player


I just updated to the newest Tablo Video Player on the Fire TV Stick, and I am not having any stuttering issues. I have a Tablo dual tuner with .28 firmware. My recording quality is set to 720p Roku / Chromecast.

What is your recording quality set to?

@theuser86 My recording quality is set to 1080p BUT I NEVER have any stuttering/buffering issues with any version of video player while watching recorded shows.  The stuttering/buffering issue only shows up when I watch LiveTV with either v1.6.2.0 or v1.6.3.0 video player

Perhaps you can run a 1080p test on your perfectly running setup to see if you’ll run into the stuttering/buffering issues on LiveTV and let us know.  If stuttering/buffering is going to happen, it will shows up within the first 3 minutes, try it on different channels too…the behavior of this bug is very non-deterministic.


I shall run a test later. I don’t use 1080p because I can’t use Tablo Connect at Full Quality then as my internet’s upload speed is only 10 Mbps.

I am having this issue as well on my Fire TV Stick, but not really on my Fire TV.  On the Fire TV it does it for the first 30 seconds then goes away.

Question I have is how do I un-install the current version of the video player? All I see is a single Tablo app referenced in the app manager.  I would assume that is the app itself not the video player?

How do I side load the older version

Sorry for my ignorance, I am only 1 week into this.  

Bumping this issue up again…

I opened a ticket with support on this FireTV stuttering/buffering issue with the latest video player (v1.6.3.0) and their initial respond was not a lot of people is having this problem so I am not sure if there is enough momentum for @TabloTV to do anything at this point. So for those who is having FireTV stuttering/buffering issue, please open a ticket with support to make sure they know it is a problem for some of us.

@Jeepwx03 you can sideload an App called “App Backup & Restore” to uninstall the FireTV video player and install the video player for the Android Web App (v1.5.0.26), that will be your workaround for the stuttering issue at the moment.

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So I just changed my Tablo dual tuner to 1080p recording quality. I am using the most up to date Tablo app with the newest Tablo Video Player on a Fire TV Stick and it played Live TV smoothly without buffering for 5 miuntes. Bandwidth monitoring on my router was 6-11 Mbps. I normally use the 720p Roku / Chromecast setting.


Have you tried switching your Tablo to 720p Roku / Chromecast?

I have the same issue with live TV buffering (for short bursts, every 15 seconds initally, then every few minutes on the Fire TV stick. It is the only device I see this on (and the only device I use that isn’t / can’t be hardwired. Stick is in same room as newish wireless router, in direct line of sight maybe 6 feet away. Don’t know if it is a video player issue, or some combination of that plus the stick being on wifi, but I definitely see the issue @Teregon has. I’m running latest Tablo .30FIT and latest FireTV stick firmware and Tablo App (plus video player). Haven’t tried sideloading the old video player, as I don’t watch any live TV and it isn’t worth my trouble, but thought I let @Tablo know that others are having this problem.


Are you running the Stick on the 5 GHz band for WiFi?

Please file a support ticket so @TabloTV know I am not the only one having this problem

@theuser86 I appreciate you trying out 1080p but I fail to see how setting a different “recording” quality would affect my LiveTV viewing unless the setting are mislabeled; beside, I have absolutely NO stuttering / buffering issues with video player v1.5.0.26 in any recording quality settings or playing either LiveTV or recorded show…so the problem has to be in the video player v1.6.3.0…I can’t think of any other logical explanation for this.

And for giggle, I did try putting recording quality to 720p and I have

  • Buffering / stuttering issue with v1.6.3.0
  • NO buffering / stuttering issue with v1.5.0.26


This is an interesting bug. I really wonder what the difference between your set up and mine is that is causing the problem.

Same Tablo firmware, same Fire TV OS with same Tablo app version. The only difference is our networking equipment.