Feature Request: NFS or CIFS for using a NAS to store recordings

I think it would be neat to be able to have the Tablo mount a share using either NFS or CIFS and write all the shows it records to a NAS or whatever device is offering the share.

I’m a geek so I have a 12TB share on a 1Gbps network that would be awesome to use. With the Tablo connected to the same network I’d pretty much never run out of space or ever worry about resetting the unit and losing shows.


This would be great, particularly if you have multiple Tablo devices. You should be able to stack them together to just add-on more tuners as a system, with a single DVR storage location.

I agree with Null145. I have a network NAS that i would prefer to store recorded show on, rather than a USB attached device.

TabloTV feedback in this similar query:

At the very least, there should be some support for - “implement at your own risk”. At the same time, I can empathize with the development team needing to support two separate interfaces (USB and mount points), essentially for two entirely different personas.

Interesting as a first timer in these forums to note that there are a LOT of sophisticated people here - implementing Plex, HDHomeRun, MythTV in particular - these are not exactly simple things to implement.

In my case - I don’t want another logical storage device in my house - to break and service - through yet another interface. I already have multiple arrays which drive 1Gbit networks at sustained line rate, behind UPS power and with full automation, including automated offsite imaging (Crashplan is one of the best here).

For now - I’d settle for export/import automation to a mount point (which I’ve seen tidbits of in other forums). Maybe that’s an incremental way for the engineering team to learn about the support and interface aspects.

At any rate - I appreciate the investment decision engineering has to make here.