Favorites listing can sometimes be blank - White Tablo

I have about 10 channels set up as my favorites. When I go to look at the “full guide” it has listings for all the channels, but when I switch to the favorites only guide, a lot of the channels will show no listings at all. I have to go back and forth a couple times between the full guide and favorites guide to get them all to show up. White Tablo on the newest FireTv Cube.

Yep, I reported this happening too. And I hope they bring the favorite channels to the mobile apps as well.

OK thanks. I can usually get them to show just takes going back and forth and changing the guide type a few times.

I asked a similar question and received the answer of it is a known issue in this post

I too have reported this (request #182087). The support tech however has yet to acknowledge it as a known problem.

Another Tablo support tech did reply with:

“Missing guide data is a unique case by case situation based on your zip code …”

This seems to be true in some cases. I believe my situation is more like rkkeller above.

In my case, the guide data is in fact complete but only when scrolling through “all channels.” Only after adding channels to “favorites” will a couple of those show with missing data. When that occurs, I can return to “all channels” and the missing channel data returns and is accurate. Then I can view “favorites” and the data there will also be accurate. However, it is good only temporarily. The missing channel data only occurs in “favorites” and is sporadically restored by scrolling through “all channels."

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FWIW, I have a brand new 4th Gen 4-tuner, and I’m seeing the same issue

I am having the exact same problem. I guess I will just have to adjust and live with having to go to All Channels to see some of my favorites.