Guide - Favorites fails to load completely

Tablo 4th gen
Chromecast with GoogleTV

On the Live guide, if i leave it on all channels, the entire guide tends to load quickly. But, if i change it to Favorites, only 2 or 3 of the 4 channels I’ve marked as favorites load.

Is this a common issue? Anyone else experiencing this?

Hey Egon – this is a known issue, but we’re hoping to improve it as soon as we can!

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Are there plans to fix this in the near future?

Having a Favorite channel function is great but not seeing the channel guide after the 4th item if there is a gap between favorite channel 4 and 5 makes it less than helpful.

Is there a release schedule for the next software update? Is there a list of features / bugs which are planned for the upcoming release?

I have the same problem and am watching for a reply to your(my) issue from Tablo

I have a similar if not worse problem - none of the channels under favorites load any guide data. This makes favorites mostly unusable.

When is a fix anticipated? Without this function, I cannot give the Tablo as a gift as planned. I may be forced to return it and try another device.

It is about 3 months later. When is the fix expected?

I’ve heard nothing from support except they ask me for any additional questions. How can I have questions on something that they haven’t fixed.

I was hoping that it would have been in the latest firmware since it really should be a very simple fix, but it seems they didn’t include it

I have the same issue with favorites not loading guide. If I switch the view to “all Channels”, scroll all the way to the bottom, the guide will load all the channels, then if I switch back to favorites I can the completed guide. I have to do this each time I restart Tablo. This is very confusing for my elderly father. Seems like a simple fix??? Any news on this Tablo? Thanks

Same problem here. When selecting Favorites, guide will populate only the first several channels. Switch to ALL and everything is filled out.

@TabloTV Its been 5 months… any update on a fix?

Yes. This has been fixed on Roku and will be fixed on other apps soon.

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So the latest app version changes the blank line to “Programming Not Available” which is completely false.

The programming is available if the Tablo engineers would cache more than the first 5 entries in the guide for all channels. I skipped many channels and on the screen of 6 channels, half of them are missing the program guide in Favorites but display the guide when all channels are selected.

If it was possible to change the blank line to “Programming Not Available” couldn’t it have been fixed properly.?

There can be many different definitions to the term “fixed”. It may not mean problem solved.

tablo can only perform so many miracles a month.

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Confirmed and baffled? Favorites now reads “Programming Not Available”. Why such an incomplete effort after 5 months of customer reports in this thread alone.

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What you don’t understand is we are not really customers. We are all beta testers!