FAST Channel Question

I have recently been having issues with the DOVE Channel which is a FAST Channel. When I try to watch it with Tablo 4th Gen it would stutter and freeze at some point. However if I watch it with my FireTV it is just fine. With FireTV it is coming in via the internet and not over the air.

So I tried watching it again with the TABLO 4th gen with the amplifier “ON” and it seemed to play better.

So I am not understanding how the TABLO 4th gen is receiving the FAST Channels. Are they coming in over the air or the internet? If via the internet then why turning the amplifier on makes a difference?

What do you mean when you saying you’re watching it on your FireTV versus watching it on the Tablo?

Are you saying that you get a local Dove station through the TV antenna?

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I can watch it using my Fire TV stick as one of over 100 plus Freevee Channels. This is internet provided content. It is not over the air.

Okay. Thank you for clarification.

How are your other FAST stations through the Tablo?

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Good question. I will have to check. DOVE is the only thing outside of movies that I record or watch. I will get back to you.

Aren’t FAST channels from your tablo the same as FireTV? …internet streaming

Unlike antenna TV which is delivered over-the-air, the free streaming channels are delivered over your external internet connection.

Do you access your tablo via FireTV?

I’m thinking something with the network or a slow/old hd (if attached) – otherwise, the stream should be the same…

Never had an issue w/ FAST except for that crap HD I was using. (And OC the ones that split no matter what you do…)

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Ok I checked and some fast channels are fine and some are not. The ones that are not the picture stutters or freezes and the remote no longer responds when that happens. Also turning the amp on or off does not seem to help after further checking.

My fire TV Stick and TABLO 4th gen are both connected to my router. The Tablo is ethernet not wireless. My Fire TV stick is wireless 5G.

I don’t think it is HD related at all as I have the same problem with my other TABLO 4th gen.

So different HD, different Tablo and different FireTV stick.

I’m speculating when I say this. I don’t think the source of the FAST channels that the TABLO acquires that it can record and the FAST channels my FireTV stick acquires that are over 200 channels between TUBI, FREEVEE and others are coming from the same source.

I think the FAST channels that the Tablo 4th gen are getting come from the TABLO servers. So the quality etc of the video differs for me from the 2 different sources.

I was watching Dove for about 15 min w/o an issue… prolly just poor timing!

I know that some can be a pain – Maximum Effort is a joke, but I can usually watch it without an issue.

I had an issue opposite of yours where I had to turn off the amplifier to receive anything. I felt that the amp was causing interference, so your having the opposite is a bit weird…

I’m assuming you’ve rebooted the Tablos?

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How would you recommend I Reboot? I have reloaded the fast channels. Also I don’t think this is a hardware issue since both of my Tablo’s have the same issue with FAST Channels. It would seem odd that both would have the same issue.

There is a small button on the bottom of the device. Press it quickly.

But since you’ll be rebooting, anything you’re recording will be stopped. It may or may not split and continue after the reboot.

This will reconnect the Tablo to the network and maybe clear up a possible network issue…

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I will try this but like I said both Tablo 4th Gens on same network (connected to different antennas) one by ethernet and the other WIFI are both having the same issue.

Also would unplugging and plugging back in accomplish the same thing? Or turning off the surge surpressor it is plugged into and turning it back on?

You could… but leave it unplugged for 30 seconds or so… the reboot is a little faster than a cold boot, and usually easier to get to.

I unplugged and it rebooted and this seemed to work for now. I will have to see how often I need to do this. The fact that this has to be done tells me there is either a hardware, firmware or app software issue requiring something to be flushed out by a reboot. Not a good situation! I hope they (Tablo Support) come out with some fixes for the Tablo 4th Gen that may or may not fix these issues.

… could still be a network issue since it was forced to reconnect to your internet.

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Not sure how it could be a network issue when all of the other apps like Amazon Prime, YOUTUBE TV, PBS News12, and many others including my Amazon Recast had NO issues!

So if the TABLO was having some sort of issue it is without a doubt a TABLO 4th Gen issue!

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with your network, only that the connection might have become a little unstable. (I had to wipe my Roku’s wifi today because it would take too long to connect after plugging it in.)

The Tablo uses different compression than your other apps and uses bandwidth a little differently and needs more than most of your other uses. It’s not fair to compare them. You’re still connecting to your Tablo through a wireless connection, even if it’s hard-wired.

I doubt you’ll have to reboot your Tablo any more than you have to reboot most of your other devices. Usually, that’s the first step in any computer-related problem – network or other. Reboots clear up memory issues as well as anything else that was stuck running unnoticed in the background. I reboot most of my network-connected devices every week or so just to refresh the connection.

One of the things I do see… Tablo reaching out to different subdomains of for each FAST channel.

I watch a lot of Retro Crush. This site is being used to view the fast channel:
" "

I would confirm your ping times to that site. Confirm they are fairly low. Maybe even change your DNS server to Google DNS or CloudFare. Also you don’t have any AD Blockers in play on your network? Or your DNS has a filter on it? That will hinder this too.

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