FAST channel guide errors for Tech Support email response

Hello, fello Tablo users.

I have just received an email from Tech Support asking for a list of current channels giving incorrect guide data. Does anyone have a FAST channel that’s causing them nonstop problems?

As of right now, my list consists of mainly Alien Nation. CourtTV Legendary Trials has been okay for me the last two days. Are there any others I should check out or share? It would be great to give them a concise list so that they don’t have a dozen emails overwhelming them with the same issue.

This is the same dilemma I have referred to before, most recently in Alien Nation FAST Guide. It is an ongoing issue that I’m sure we’d all like to get to the bottom of. I would like to send this email by early morning so that they can “share it with (their) guide providers” to get us the right programming. Thank you for your quick replies!

ALL channels after OTA channels missing data on Roku

For you. Not for the rest of us.

Actually, he’s not far off.

Both of my Rokus are missing guide data, much of it in the FAST category. Even weirder, I’ve got 3 channels that never show guide data. One shows the station name but no data, the other shows the data but no name. (Since this is Roku, removing one removed both, so these are fresh installs.)

I’m going to take a few minutes to figure out how this compares between both of my 4th gens and Android/Fire vs Roku. (Even though they’re fresh, I’m going to start by force clearing the cache.) Will post as soon as I can.

[Edit: Both tablos have fresh forced guide resets as of last night. I even went as far as unchecking all but one channel on each, then rebooted the Tablo, then re-adding the channels – for the 4th time of trying TS suggestions.]

Right now, due to OTA testing, both my Rokus are on 2.4ghz. How are yours connected?

(3910rw, 3941rw)

Okay. Quick answer.

A cursory glance at both Android and FireOS showed nothing missing, but I will clear cache and data and see if something getts triggered.

As for both Rokus and the Tablos they are connected to, it seems that the forced cache clear/reboot has fixed the guide issue. (Note that this does not change the AlienNation issue, just the random guide data missing.) However, despite the unnamed channel (you can see what it is if you click on it) did show EPG, it has reverted to the lovely grey “loading data” box. This is separate from the FAST issue I was refferring to (the channel only came on-air a couple days ago and I will look into that w/ Tech Support later.)

So, maybe even though @beastman had fresh installs on his Roku, clearing the stick’s cache will help. Just remember that it might take the Tablo app a little longer to load data since it’s creating the cache again.

It's very likely you know how to do this, but in case not I will provide those instructions so you don't have to wait for one of us to reply:

Home (5 times)
Rewind, Rewind
Fast Forward, Fast Forward

Do this at a moderately fast pace, making sure to hear the each button press. Wait for some crazy menu scrolling and it will reboot.

I have had little interest in the FAST channels. But recently I went through all 67 channels and learned exactly what they offer. I then deleted 30 of them (so far) from the guide and saved it. After that the guide was a mess. None of the channels lined up with their guide data. I wasn’t about to go through all the gyrations of delete this, reset that, reboot, etc. etc. so I left it, maybe to revisit later. This post made me revisit it today. All the guide data matches the channels so it fixed it on its own. Not sure how long it took but everything looks good. Maybe an update came through and Roku rebooted not sure. I can’t remember the last time I intentionally rebooted the Roku.

Oh yeah, Roku Ultra 4660X, 12.5, 4178-46.

One of my bigger issues is this…
The “live” guide data for all the OTA channels displays them in numerical order as it should.
When maintaining the OTA channels in settings they are all mixed up making said maintenance a pain.
The “live” guide data for the FAST channels are all out of order (alphabetically) Not as big of a deal but…
When maintaining the FAST channels in settings they are all in alphabetic order.

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The whole channel system seems to be a nightmare and it’s got to be hard for Tablo to figure out what to do about it. While I think it would make sense to have OTA numerically, I do think that FAST would be best served alphabetically (ignore the word “The” as is right in the world of grammar).

I should have tried that scan through Roku but really didn’t want to try to figure out my saved list because of the way they show up in frequency order. * shudder * I’d never seen the message about my location being approved or whatever elsewhere and it kinda freaked me out!

That simple cache clearing has – for now, at least – taken care of the weird guide data on the Rokus, IDK why it was messed up there and only there! And on both 4th gens, at that.

It’s hard to pay attention to the Roku revisions and reboots since it has a mind of its own. We all pay attention to the 12.5, but what other build number follows, none of us notice!

FAST does seem to be in a somewhat category type of order… but not entirely. Who knows. I did notice that still, if I have different channels saved on each 4th gen, it really screws the guide up. Sometimes greyed out on the other, sometimes missing, sometimes still there… I have yet to go through all the stations, but until my warm white pucks are stable, it’s too much of a headache to check and uncheck constantly.

12 hours until the new year… let’s see what the first few days offer. I’m so spoiled on the FAST channels that several have become daily recordings. If they aren’t going to work, I really don’t need two machines. (LOL, this Alien Nation thing has been driving me nuts since day one. You have no idea how many times I’ve recorded and deleted the same show just trying to get the right thing!)

Before app 8.3 deleting FAST channels using a roku (4660) could be an issue. I but I never had an issue adding FAST channels. The channel sort order was fixed in 8.3.

Good to know. I never got a chance to look at the 0.8.3 version. Maybe the Roku won’t be entirely useless then.

Hope it’s out tomorrow!

When you use a phone or tablet you sign in if you previously signed out and I’ll bet they are collecting your geolocation on the way. Of course they seem to then turn around and ask for your zip code - which should be associated with the actual tablo unit. What happens if they don’t match?

Hmm… Good question.

I’m not really sure if that matters, though, since it’s basically the same setup screen you use for changing Tablos. When you log in and set up your first one, you pick your zip code so that it can scan for local channels. Then, if you add another 4th gen, it’s the same process again. I can’t say that anything is physically attached to your account, since right now I’m using two separate zip codes to see if either work better. Wonder what they do what that!

Mine are on 5 ghz

If guide data missing, dev could replace hexadecimal 00 with hexadecimal 20. For those that don’t know that is null with space.

Did you try the Roku cache clear trick for your guide data? If so, did it help?

Tried and no help. If Tablo would replace null with space if missing guide data it would fix most Live guide issues on Roku. Maybe @TabloTV will see this and pass to Roku app dev team

@TabloSupport :

Right now, Alien Nation is airing an episode of “Encounter: UFO” … this show is nowhere to be seen in the guide or if using a search. Maybe finding out when this aired or will air will help synch the guide for this station.

(I replied again to the email because I gave the wrong impression that this issue had been fixed. Hope you get it in time before you closing the ticket.)

12:00pm Central
Guide Data: Alien Reptilian Legacy
Airing: Encounter: UFO

No overlap of programming at noon, Encounter began at noon.

Alien Nation is the only channel that I know of right now that has guide issues. I have this channel on Plex and check that before I watch it as the Plex guide is right on. I have given up for the time being recording FAST channels as they still record in chunk segments for me (maybe commercial breaks) it’s annoying and I miss a good bit of the show.

Wow. Thank you. I have been trying to find a guide online, but didn’t think of other free live stream apps. Forgive me as I @ Tablo so they can look into this. You… are… awesome. I appreciate your letting me know.

I really do hope they fix the splits/fails soon. Very good product, great idea, but this function not working can be a deal breaker.

@TabloTV & @TabloSupport … take note. Maybe this can help you figure out what’s going on since this other guide is correct:

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