Alien Nation FAST Guide

As I try to work this through with Tech Support via email, would anyone be willing to share with me if their Alien Nation FAST channel is airing what the guide says is on?

This is the worst offender that I have seen by far. Today, I received their email with the normal suggestion of to uncheck the offending channels and rescan. I’ve done this 4 times with 3 different zip codes and nothing has changed.

I’m hoping with your answers, I can narrow down where the issue is coming from.

So, does this FAST channel have the right guide data as well as show? Thank you!

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Currently: Dr. Megavolt… (but instead they’re hunting for bigfoot)
Upcoming: 14 Minutes to Earth,
Sky Line,
The Space Invaders,
Dr. Megavolt

(I’ve been keeping an eye on this channel for hours and none of it is bleed over.)

Same here. I doubt you can fix it at your end.

Thank you for letting me know. I’ve assumed this wasn’t just a local thing (zip code should have no impact on what FAST channels say!)

I’m a hundred percent sure there’s nothing I can do at my end, doesn’t mean that they won’t have me jump through hoops, repeating the same steps over and over and over and over again until I finally give up and stop responding to their emails like I did last time!

At least I know that your’e getting the wrong guide information for that channel as well. The other one that I’d been having an issue with was the court tv legendary trials or whatever. That one’s been so-so, but at least with that one, it’s been correct even hours after putting in the ticket. (Might’ve been sooner, but I quit recording a few days before the support request.)

Appreciate your reply, and if you notice any that are causing you problems, hopefully we can all check and see if we’re suffering as well.

Again, thank you.

Even with the legacy guide provider some software may have to adjust the time supplied to the guide provider to the local time zone. If the network supplies EST and you live PST the guide can be off bt 3 hours.

Your theory makes a lot of sense, but has not seemed to apply to this channel in any way since the first time we’ve discussed this.

A couple of hours off is fine, but I have had that channel either running for hours or checked on it every now and then, and nothing that has been “on-air” is anything close to what has been listed in the guide.

The first time you suggested that, I recorded a huge block of shows on the two channels I was having an issue with. One was occasionally correct – and in the right time slot, but Alien Nation was only correct once in the name of show that was supposed to be on.

I can’t find an EPG for that channel … I keep getting that show from the 90s. SMH. g00gle has sucked for years, but come on!

I’d like to find a reason to keep my second 2-tuner, but this is getting ridiculous. 10% or more of my hard drive is filled up every day with shows that MIGHT be right. I can get two OTA PVrs for way less than the Tablo. I’d still have one for FAST since it’s past return date, but OTA is what my original goal was. I just got tired of swapping out flash drives every time I wanted to watch something. Well, at least back then, what I wanted to watch is what recorded.

At this rate, I don’t even think I’ll wait for the 13th to take the second one back. With its current behavior, I’ve already been basically without it since the second 2.2.48 update!

Same showing for me.