Error when trying to load on my roku

Error “Your tuner has been assigned to another live tv or recording.” I have tried everything i can find online. It works fine on my tablet and firestick. On my Roku it worked 2 days ago and then this error. Any help?

What are you doing when you get the error?

Very little information is provided.

Don’t even know what tried everything means. Don’t know what tablo is having problems: dual, quad. Whether the setting page indicates the disk is attached. The grid shows any red lines indicating a tuner in use for recording or viewing. Etc.

Dual, I am loading live tv. When i play dvr shows, it wont load them. It tries to load the jumps back to the list of shows. I have a hardrive attached that shows in settings. Ive rebooted my modem, reset the tablo, unplugged and plugged back in, disconnected all other apps.

Possibly corrupted data in the Roku app (channel). Try deleting the channel from the Roku and then re-installing it.

I did that and still the same.

And what model of Roku and is it WiFi(2.4 or 5) or hard wired.

Roku Premier. And it is wifi 2.4

Reboot your Tablo (aka power cycle it).

Also what type of HDD are you using?

I did power cycle. I also used the blue button in the back. My HDD is a WD easystore 25FC 1026

Did you recently get the Roku OS 9.2 update? Or what OS version is it running.

Does your Tablo detect the drive? Power cycle the drive too.

Yes, 9.2 is the version. HDD is recognized and I have unplugged it as well.

The new Roku OS has been slowly rolling out. And was the OS update within the last few days.

I have it on my Rokus and haven’t had any problems.

Actually I believe I got the update 2 days ago and that seems to be when Tablo stopped working. I just tried my other older roku and same issue.

I would have the Roku recheck for updates. I’ve had Roku updates where you get an auto update and you recheck and they have another minor update available.

both my 4200 and 4661 ultra are on 9.2.0 4131.

I did this. Same version as u. Guess ill have to wait it out.

If it’s truely Roku based the only other thing I’ve ever heard is if you have too many channels loaded on an older Roku. It sucks the device memory.

I don’t know what too many channels is. I rarely have more then 25 on my Rokus.

And I’ve never tried to run tablo on WiFi 2.4. I would think it’s a tad problematic if the tablo is also WiFi and you are using a high recording quality.

Ty for your help. I never had any issues before now.

I also got the 9.2 update a few days ago and it is working fine.