"Error: Weak Signal" on Roku Streaming Stick (My Roku 3 works fine)


I’ve searched the forums here for a possible solution but nothing is working.

I have a 1TB hard drive that’s 99% free, and a 2-tuner Tablo where all my channels work perfectly fine on my Roku 3, however on the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI model) I get the error message. Tried this on the Tablo Preview channel, and the regular tablo channel. NO other issues playing any movies from the Roku from any other channel, even Plex.

I have also tried to reboot the Tablo and it still does not work. Again, everything works just fine on the Roku 3.

Just got this Tablo and have been overall pretty impressed, however this issue is considerably frustrating.

I submitted a ticket to Tablo support last night for this issue as well.


[SOLVED] Had to get a new WiFi router, as the one I had was not getting a strong enough signal to the bedroom with the Roku S.S. Although Tablo’s error message IS misleading since the message I reported indicates the antenna signal is weak, they should have one that clearly indicates it’s the wifi signal.

Are you saying there is an issue with the Roku Stick? I think I am not understanding your situation. It sounds like you are saying the Tablo works fine because it works with the Roku 3 so the Roku 3 works fine too. But there is an issue with the Roku stick? I mean the signal from the Antenna to the Tablo has absolutely no relation to which device you are using to view the content.

Live TV works fine on the Roku 3, on the Roku Streaming Stick I get the error message. David from Tablo support replied to my ticket and suggested to disconnect the HDD, do a reboot, and then attempt to watch live tv. Will try that when I get home from work later this evening.

Which Roku Stick is it? The older MHL (3400) model or the newer HDMI (3500) model?

The HDMI model

  1. Are both the Roku 3 and Roku Stick on the same WiFi connection?
  2. What is the make and model of your router?

So disconnecting the hdd and then rebooting, as tablosupport suggested, did not resolve this problem either.

This is beginning to get frustrating.

Have you tried rebooting your Tablo, then rebooting the Roku in that order?

I think the “weak signal” error is related to signal from the antenna. There is no reason for that to be different between the “stick” and the “Roku 3”. I am going to say you have a signal issue from the antenna, and the fact that you are seeing it on the stick rather than the Roku 3 is a coincidence. I could certainly be wrong, but that is my read.

Could it be connected to the Roku 2700x and other problem where the released preview Tablo does not work but the beta Tablo Preview does? Try using the Tablo from the Roku channel store. If it worjs, then I think it is the same.

beastman, I was not aware of that issue with the roku 2700x. As mentioned in the OP, I’ve tried live tv from the regular tablo channel, the tablo preview, and the tablo channel within plex. None work on the roku s.s., but no problem on the Roku 3.

I hope there is a fix for this soon.

You never answered my question above, it can fix a lot of issues. Just to be safe, reboot the router too before the Tablo.

Sorry I missed that, no I haven’t tried that yet. It’s easy enough to give a shot but I have an unfortunate suspicion it’s going to require a code fix. All of the false “Error: Weak Signal” posts I’ve read from earlier in the year I could not find one related to the streaming stick.

Just sharing the experience of someone who uses both a Roku streaming stick (HDMI) and Roku 3. Not seeing this symptom on either device.

Both Roku’s are connected to the router on 5 ghz wifi on 720P bitrate, with Tablo hard wired to router. Using a Mohu 50 for antenna w/amplifier.

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@Tom1 - Touch base with support. They can help you figure out if you’re actually getting a weak signal or if something else is afoot.


Thanks for commenting. I’m glad to hear from somebody with the same setup. Could you do me a huge favor, and with a wifi signal strength app tell me what you’re data rate is by your streaming stick?

Mine varied from 65 mbps to 25 mbps but the “Error: Weak Signal” is supposed to reflect the signal of the antenna, and if it were wifi related I’d have other issues from Netflix, prime, plex, and a host of other roku channels that I’m not.

I’ve obtained another wifi router to see if this helps at all, with a stronger antenna. My other last ditch effort is to move the HD antenna into another room with a window that faces the towers. Though the channel scan shows all these signals as strong, with a green circle by them, so not sure why that would make a difference.

@TabloTV, thanks but I did log a ticket and David from support said he was going to look at the logs on my box after I put it into remote-debug mode, which I did 2 nights ago. I’ve checked back in with him and have gotten ZERO responses all day yesterday, and all day today.

This combined with my other issue now of shows (even DVR’d) constantly rebuffering is getting unbearable, but I guess that’s another thread if I want to attempt to troubleshoot this too. Never had a problem with LiveTV signal when watching live directly into the TV, so I had hoped for spending $200 this would be a simple plug and play solution.

Appreciate the help from everybody.

Sure thing - using Netgear’s android app I’m pretty consistently getting 300 mbps when connecting to the same 5ghz network that the streaming stick is on (placing my phone right next to the streaming stick during the test).

Probably an obvious thing you’ve tried, but curious if you’ve swapped the placement of your Roku 3 and the stick (or if your 3 is hardwired, place the stick super close to the router)? Agree that it doesn’t seem like a wi-fi throughput symptom, but if I’m thinking in terms of scientific method it seems worth controlling for the wi-fi variable and fully ruling that out.

I’ve thought about that swap too, but haven’t had a chance to get around to it yet. @TabloSupport was supposed to have pulled the logs 2 days ago but has been unresponsive to my follow up emails.

CBS is constantly rebuffering right now too, even though a channel scan gives it 5 green circles for strength, and it’s not recording CBS shows claiming a weak signal, Arrow recorded but was also rebuffering to theoint it wasn’t watchable (Flash the night before was slightly better) so I don’t know what’s going on.

Thanks again.

Does everything continue to work fine on the Roku 3?

If so, it is likely a poor WiFi issue with the Roku Stick. It can a tiny antenna which results in bad signal and it also receives interference from your HDTV due to close proximity to it.

You can get a free HDMI extension cable from Roku for try to move the Stick farther away from the TV’s interference. This is such a known problem that Roku has provided it for free and posted about it on its website: