Engine hang/crash issue?

Has anyone w/ Engine had an issue with a channel suddenly hanging / spinning and then will crash the app? I’ve had it almost daily right now and even if i fully close the app on the Shield and go back in it still will not work again until i fully reboot the Shield. I opened a ticket as well for this but curious if anyone else has run across it

Overall i’ve been very happy w/ the Engine setup other than this issue though. love the simple interface and features and excited for how it develops as it grows. hoping this issue is fixable because its sort of a deal breaker right now

Haven’t seen that. Is it always the same channel? Our team should be able to give you a way of sending us debug information so we can gather more details.

i THINK its been the same channel but cant be certain. its a bit random when it happens but when it does it hoses things up pretty bad so im happy to get over whatever logs might be useful. I saw that shields default system processor mode is set to max performance so i changed it to optimized just to see if it makes any difference as well (cant hurt i figured)

outside of these couple of bugs i’d have to say i’ve been very impressed with Engine so far a couple weeks in compared to my old Tablo 2 . I miss the network options but everything else has been worth the switch

@andygresbach Glad ENGINE is working out well for you!

well unfortunately i’m having to ditch Engine and go back to my old Tablo 2. We moved to a new home and for some reason Engine is having a big issue scanning and picking up on channels consistently. Where the old tablo 2 picks up all the usual channels no problem w/ full bars and seems to hold, Engine typically will only find them on occassion and most times will only work for a short time and will eventually have an issue saying “weak signal” on every channel. When that happens if i reboot my Shield it will start working again sometimes for a while and then follows that same pattern. The channel detection inconsistency is the weirdest issue since its the same antenna. Not sure if anyone else has noticed before but I wont be able to go back to it until i’d figure it out unfortunately. I really did like it otherwise

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hey guys Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys
mile smsith