Emby Integration?

Anyway to integrate Tablo into Emby yet? Don’t care if I have to run a separate server/program in order to enable it, it’d just be convenient to have everything in one UI.

I didn’t mean ripping my recordings. I meant watching Live TV via Emby, and maybe streaming recordings straight from the Tablo without having to rip them first.

So using Tablo as tuners within Emby? The short answer…no.

Oh well, guess I’ll keep dreaming then.

Follow-up on this … I am currently using Tablo Ripper to move my recordings to Emby. All works well, but with one little issue. When I playback a show, the Emby playback will not display the closed captioning. Any advice on how to do that? It seems to be the conversion to MP4 that triggers the problem, but not seeing a way to ‘move’ the recordings without converting to MP4 either in Tablo Tools or Tablo Ripper. Seems it should be simple, and the Cc is still in the MP4, because I can extract it using CCExtractor. Just trying to keep it simple and not have too many moving parts to get this done.

Thanks in advance…

The CC are in the files TabloRipper makes, but Emby doesn’t support encoded CC. You have to use CCExtractor to make separate SRT in order for Emby to pickup the CC. You can then optionally mux the MP4 and SRT into a single MKV if you want.

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