DVR Question - How to REC live program

Hello! I am a new Tablo owner, using it with my RokuTV.

I have a question related to live programming, and the DVR.

In other cable DVRs, there is always a REC button you could press that would start recording the program you are watching right there. Just the remainder of the program (or record the program from the beginning to the end of the program) so you can pull it up via your DVR Recordings menu and watch it later.

Is there any way to do that?

So far I have only found that I can add stuff to record via the DVR schedule, or pause the LIVE program. But I don’t want to pause the program… I just want to record it, and watch it later.


The only way is to go to the guide and hit record. And it will just record from that point on.

@snowcat is correct from my understand. You would have to leave the program and then on the live tv grid highlight the show (not channel number) and hit ok then it will pull up to record the show. It will start recording from there on.

Just a reference note for others looking through here someday… This question was about RokuTV -

not all devices/apps mandate you leave the program to access the grid in order to highlight the show to find the image button.

Coming from the “traditional” cable-company DVR, this is also a very convenient feature I immediately noticed was missing from my Tablo setup (FireTV stick). I wish this was implemented some day.

Sure might be nice. Although you may not care, here’s a post kind of explaining why - currently - watching a show, to the tablo… isn’t necessarily “a show”

It kind of says when you watch live TV it stars saving to disk, with no understanding of what time or when a show may have started or is ending… since all shows are referenced via DB - it can’t really just save “some point in time”.

I know this isn’t what you wanted… just trying to share some insight – yea, maybe someday things may change. Right now, that’s partly why it’s not as easy as it sounds… as I understand things.

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Well, that… sort of makes sense I guess. I know, ‘don’‘t shoot the messenger’.

As a programmer, I would think its easy to see IF you have the information to know the WHEN parts of the RECording (when to retroactively start RECording from and when to RECord to)… and use that. Otherwise, just start RECording for a predetermined amount of time? Say, an hr? IDK just spit balling. I mean, in this case, its sort of a hybrid of the GUIDE and PAUSE. The only difference really is you are watching it WHILE it records.

But, I will accept that perhaps its just not that easy for them.

I was sitting here… thinking about your reply. I know, I had already replied to you once.

But, as I sat here thinking about it… it occurs to me.

From watching a program, I can press the UP or DOWN button to bring up a mini guide on screen, a current and next hour GUIDE.

From there, I should be able to press a button to initiate a RECording. And if that’s the current program, then I get what I am asking for.

I mean, based on your reply, the limitation seems to be that they don’t have the info on the recording information on the playlist. But they do. It depends on where the RECording is initiated.

Again, I’m just sharing what I’ve come across, here, “out there”, and my own struggles - so you could discovering eventually if you’re bored.

Here’s a post as how I understand part of how life TV is recorded

It just starts, yes there’s could’a should’a would’a. Like tablo runs lighttpd so why not load the web app and not require outside internet? Ok, sorry

I understand shows have a hiarchy referenced via DB from Gracenote. As a manual recording is just a point in time - not tied to anything to do with a show (despite appearances)

My speculation, they were originally targeting DVR product, so didn’t get into the overhead watching and recording.

[I’m using a tablet and have limited resources to provide sources and better examples]