Dvr for cord cutters

At this point in time if anyone ask me for a DVR for cord cutters, I would have to say DVR+… it has a FREE 14 day guide and has dolby 5.1.

I came to this conclusion based on reviews on and the fact it has taken over 16 days to get guide data for two new networks in Austin, because of the guide provider chosen.

If they have more than 1 tv, I would suggest Tablo.

Do you mean Channel Master’s device? If yes, have you ever actually used it?

Yes that’s the one I mean, and no I haven’t actually used it. Have you?

No I have not, but how can you recommend a device with never actually using it? Lol


Based on * rating on Amazon and description. But like I said, it only works on one TV.

  1. It only has 199 reviews on Amazon, hardly a sample size.
  2. Amazon is not the god send of unbiased reviews.
  3. If you’re basing it on reviews, you really should be recommending the TiVo OTA Roamio, or TiVo Bolt over the Channel Master DVR+ for 1 HDTV. See here, 3,068 reviews. See link below:
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But it is the only one that has FREE 14 Day Program Guide

And the real question is the guide is free but will it live up to your standards with all the new OTA channels being added? Without actually using the product you can’t support that claim.

All the channels might be like 54-2 and 54-3, which to date has taken Tablo 16 days to add. Granted that some of those days were Saturday and Sunday, and this past Monday was a holiday. I’m ready to bet if 7-4 will be added before 54-2 and 54-3. 7-4 isn’t broadcasting yet, so the process hasn’t started at Tablo (I gave Titantv a heads up for next month, just as I did Tablo, only TitanTV does something with the information)

Ok that’s fine, but you really think a FREE guide service for CM DVR will update quicker than a paid service for the Tablo? While possible, I can’t see how you can recommend one product over another for this sole possibility of a feature.

IF they use the FREE guide data like 54-2 and 54-3 show when watching directly on my TV. I think that is only used if not connected to the internet.

Other TV Listings has data for 54-2 and 54-3 as of yesterday or the day before. I contacted Zap2it AFTER Tablo, and they got the channels added PRIOR to Tablo.

That still doesn’t answer my question about how you can recommend the CM DVR+ in particular over the Tablo for guide service lol

If you’ll buy it, I will test it. At least it does have the option for using the guide data that is provided over the air.

I purchased the lifetime EPG with Tablo. Looks like I should have waited to see how the guide provider performed. How was the existing data provider picked?

I haven’t added a new OTA channel to my Tablo in 2 years, and the guide service has worked perfectly here on the Tablo. Never missed a recording.

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Tablo’s data works perfectly for me ONCE THE DATA STARTS ARRIVING, however I have added the following this past year:
36-2 COZI
36-3 ICON
54-2 GRIT
54-3 LAFF
7-4 METV - coming in March

EVEN THE “WHAT’S ON” ROKU CHANNEL has guide data for 54-2 and 54-3 (first time checking there, I figure what have I got to lose, and found SOMEONE ELSE THAT IS FASTER THAN TABLO.)

What is the What’s On Roku channel? Please provide a link, I’ve never heard of it. Is it a channel developed by Roku? Or a 3rd party developer?

It’s private - not in store put in zip code, tv source. You can add it from the link

My zip code is 78758 if you want to see my channels

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Thanks for the link.

If I am not mistaken doesnt TABLO get their guide data from zap2it? have you tried contacting them for this missing data? … if they are at the mercy of a 3rd party supplier their isnt much they can do … more so if these are new / changed stations in your area…

Zap2it had the new channels over the weekend yet Tablo didn’t