Dual HDMI Feature Request

New User here, as of Jan 7. Overall the Tablo Dual HDMI is superior to my retired, issue-plagued Channel Master DVR+, especially guide data. But some features that I would love to see…

#1 - I have a lot of scheduled recordings and most - but not all - are committed to memory. So, I don’t like the way the Dual HDMI handles recording conflicts when I’m watching LIVE TV. Credit to the Channel Master DVR+, when it was about to encounter a recording conflict while I was watching LIVE TV, a big pop-up would appear (while keeping the LIVE viewing “ON”) with options to cancel one of my scheduled recordings to allow LIVE TV to continue or allow a channel change to perform the scheduled recordings. If I didn’t choose an option within about 15 secs, the LIVE TV viewing would be aborted and change to the necessary channel to record. The Dual HDMI LIVE TV simply stops with a full screen showing an error or “NO TUNER available” or something like that.

#2 - “Record on the Fly” - While watching a LIVE TV channel, I would like to be able to “hit” RECORD to record the remainder of the currently-viewed program. Since the remote has no “RECORD” button, this could be achieved by adding this option (a “button”) to the down-arrow option on the remote. The same way one would access CC and Commercial Skip.

Would be nice, just add a button. I realize this is a request. For further reading, here’s some of the technological issues tablo has with going from live TV to recording a show…

It kind of says, when watching live TV, tablo just starts saving at any arbitrary point in time with out accounting for what show may be on or it’s schedule. So it doesn’t have a start and stop to “save” a show. Not saying it alright, just how the current system is. More than just a button. :frowning:

So there is a technical dilemma/limitation. Well, it really doesn’t take much effort and just takes a few seconds total to hit the BACK button during Live TV, click RECORD, then back to WATCH. Thank you for the quick reply.

They have a “resolve conflict” option but you have to select it and decide what to do, if anything.

You can record on the fly by selecting record not watch or you can just hit the pause button but once done if will not save it. When watching live I often pause and go away a few minutes while it records commercials and then skip forward past them. Say you have the usual 2 to 4 minute break. Go do something else for 6 minutes and hit the forward 9 times for 3 minute then hit OK and see if the show is back. This does not show images like with a recording but if you hit OK it will update it. You can then guess if you went to far or need to got further forward.

Personally, I would advise you just record it wait a few minutes and the start watching the recording since ti allow you to watch anything recorded. Start recording do something begin then you can skip the commercials too. At least until you have caught up to live.

with live it buffers it so you can skip forward and back but it is deleted once you exit back to the schedule.

here are some of tablo’s resolution for your issue: Search results for: buffering


Sometimes “live buffering” has been traced back to drive related (including cables) issues.