Doesn't remember where left off

Apple TV app.

I’m watching a recorded show, pause the show, turn off the Apple TV to go do something. When I come back and start everything off the show restarts from the beginning instead of picking up where I left off. With a 3-hr game that can be a lot of 10-second fast forwards to get back to where I left off.

I see a similar problem with the latest Apple TV client. If you join a recording while it is in progress, not only will you end up always at the current recording point, but it’s basically impossible to get back to the beginning, as the timeline isn’t functional. It doesn’t matter if you chose the recording from the timeline, the recording page, or just choose the channel that’s recording.

On the other hand, since the latest update, I haven’t had a single instance of the recording sometimes jumping back 10 seconds after you start it, so there is some progress…

We’re currently tracking this issue in this thread. We’re working to reproduce the issue and determine its root cause, but don’t have an ETA on a resolution just yet. We’ll be sure to post any updates as they come.

It is happening on mine as well. But I’m on a Beta firmware. When I stop a show and come back it starts from the beginning.

This is not the same issue. The one you linked to is about starting watching a show that is in the midst of recording. This issue is regarding a show that has been recorded. When I pause watching it to take a break it doesn’t remember where I left off, it starts from the beginning of the show.

Hi @tecumsa and @JohnBoy5562,

Both issues look to have been related to the same bug, and we have since discovered a common factor in those users experiencing them and have successfully reproduced them internally.

A fix is now in progress.

Is there an estimated delivery date for this fix? The problem has existed for a couple of months now. The inability to resume where you left off or move around in a live recording severely limits the usefulness of the Tablo. Thank you.

This problem happens to me, too. It’s always worked fine but started happening about 4-6 weeks ago. It’s a big problem!

A fix is on the way:

I know we’ve ragged on you about this problem for a couple months, only feel it’s fair to acknowledge the fix. Mine downloaded last night and it’s working perfectly now. Many thanks.


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