Does the Plex channel for Tablo work

I have a Imac, with my 4 tuner tablo hard wired to my router which is hard wired to my Mac. My Plex server works fine with Photos and Music to all my other TV’s (clients?). I have installed the Tablo channel on the server and all I get is a “Cannot connect to your Tablo” error. I get the same, of course, on my other TVs. I’ve checked here and the Plex forums. During the years there seemed to be this kind of problem, but I see nothing recent. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

The answer is no. The Plex channel is a fan project, not an official Tablo joint. Some dude in the forums claims he’s been working on updating the old Plex channel to work with the current Tablo API, but it’s slow going.

There’s currently (as of 10/8/2016) no reliable way to watch live or recorded TV from your Tablo on Plex.

Tablo and USTVNOW was working on Plex channels with version - just updated to latest Plex version and now Tablo & (USTVNOW) will not work on my iPhone and Apple TV… Seems to work on my Roku-- any one else able to get Tablo to work on the Plex channels on Apple with the latest version?