Does ethernet work just by connecting the cable?

With the newer two tuner lite version (refurbished) of Tablo I am experiencing quite a bit of buffering when my daughter has Netflix and her phone running. Shouldn’t this be a non-issue if I have an ethernet cable connected? My modem is 25 down and 10 up. I originally tried running on wifi only and then connected the ethernet cable after experiencing serious buffering problems. I do have the record resolution turned up to the second highest setting but it is hard to reconcile having to drop down in resolution. As a bit of workaround I just split the signal so I can actually watch TV directly from the antenna when buffering is too much of an issue. Is there a way to reset the ethernet connection or do I already have the best I can expect?

Faster is always better. What quality are you and your daughter each watching? SD quality requires the least, while 4K requires the most. Also if you are recording a show and watching another show, that needs more. 5 MB per stream is recommended. Browsing the net on computer also counts as use.

Thanks, I will double-check our Netflix settings to make sure they are not running at 4K. Tablo is set to second highest 1080 setting. Still trying to figure out if there are settings to be made for ethernet or if once you connect the cable it is done.

It has to do with the total amount of bandwidth you are paying for and how much is being used at the same time. I pay for 200 down 10 up, I run everything wireless. I have top of the line cable modem and top of line router. I use cat 6 to connect cable modem to router. I use internet while streaming and no problems. When I do speedtest, I get more than I pay for.

Hmmn? The max download my provider has is 50MBPS. I am using a cat 6 ethernet cable. I will also run a speedtest tonight. Thanks again. Still haven’t figured out if I have to tell my Tablo to start using the ethernet cable or if it uses it automatically once it is connected.

…and you do not experience any buffering? Which Tablo are you using?

Let’s correct a major misconception here. The Tablo only uses a home’s internal network when used for watching live and recorded shows, so your internet speeds have zero effect.

What likely is happening is that your internal network isn’t that strong, and that depends on your router and how big your home is. Though if both your streaming device and the Tablo are connected by ethernet to the same router or switch, then something else may be going on.

That does correct a major misconception here. Thanks. My streaming device is a new Roku Streaming Stick + which is plugged into one of the HDMI ports on my Samsung TV, so it is using wireless. I guess I will try disconnecting the ethernet cable and see if there is additional buffering. I will also investigate the specs on the modem/router I bought from my ISP. I know there is a solution out there but being new to this corner of the tech world not sure how long it will take to find.

Don’t know. Perhaps @TabloTV will answer.
How old is your router? Does it support 802.11AC (even though not being used)
If it does then it is a pretty new router.
I have a Roku streaming stick and connected to the 5 Ghz wireless network.

Found this: How to make your Tablo and Roku more stable

I have a really good router in the first level of my 2-story home. But when I had a Roku Express on my upstairs tv, it had a lot of buffering issues. It was the only one of my Roku devices that used 2.4GHz instead of 5 Ghz. I replaced it (with one that uses ethernet since I have a connection up there), and no more buffering. I also don’t have buffering on my other two Rokus either.

I would definitely recommend using a 5 Ghz band with Rokus and Tablos.

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