Display list of "paired" devices

There needs to be a way that I can display a list of the “paired” devices. This would reassure me that a device is actually “paired”.


@oppedahl - Unfortunately no. This is something we’d like to do but we haven’t found a way for all devices to provide enough useful information for the end-user to be able to distinguish which device is which.

Ironically, if “remote pairing” were ever made possible this wouldn’t be anything (feature) to discuss.

OP - I feel your pain. All we can do is hope and hope some more that remote pairing doesn’t break when we need it the most. But of course it does…

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Have you tried the remote viewing on the Tablo recently? My iPhone, iPad and Fire TV have now survived many router reboots and WAN IP changes after the recent updates Tablo made to minimize unpairing.

Yep, mostly this result for live TV -

FWIW - I never see that on the LAN only WAN. Oh well, recordings seem to stream without player error.

But Tablo hasn’t lost pairing on tested devices since 2.2.8 IIRC?

Although once you’ve been burned by that 'still expect it to quit at any moment. I would never, ever count on it working for anything important to my TV consumption. Really a shame since when it works it works rather well.

Well you already invite the user to give a “friendly name” to their Tablo. You could similarly invite the user to give a “friendly name” to each device. Then the listing of paired devices could provide the friendly names as well as the last few digits of each MAC address (which I am sure the Tablo app can obtain from the device operating system). And you could also display the date that the pairing happened. These things, together, would surely let many end users distinguish which device is which.

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I will get that occasionally but it is only when initially starting up the Tablo app and trying to stream live tv. It’s only on the first attempt and when I get back to the guide and select a different channel it starts streaming. I can then go back to my first channel. I just figured it was me selecting too quick.

My wife had recently been out (east coast) and re-paired her phone the week of Christmas. It had been working since she returned to west coast.

Last night feeling more confident that perhaps “pairing” had been improved, I suggested we watch Bachelor premiere together.

Nope, just Egg on my face and making apologies for this “weird little TV box” that’s clearly more “hobby” than legitimate OTA device/service.

Once again, good old EyeTV came to the rescue. Not as good of picture but at least it works.

I also believe there’s more to the whole “remote login” thing than anybody at Tablo cares to admit. Recently reading many articles about “password” sharing crackdowns by cable companies and the aftermath of the “Aero” court ruling, I’m pretty certain what’s going on here. And it has nothing to do with the limits of the technology, IMO….

Back to my “hobby” and “nags”…

That error your wife received shows no Tablo detected / listed, if your issue was just an unpairing issue the Tablo would still be listed and you would not be able to connect to it. Sounds like your issue is different than just unpairing.

And you know this as fact with latest FW?

Maybe just a temporary network issue and needed to try it again? I’ll ask her to try again.

But the problem remains that remote viewing is quite a mess and doesn’t live up to marketing hype IMO.

Yes, in the past I have always had the Tablo listed where you could hit ‘Connect’ and then it would just sit at connecting… and not actually connect. This would require re-pairing, aka go home and hit Connect and it would work.

The only time my iPhone did not list the Tablo device itself was when the app was updated and this wiped the saved database on the phone, or I hit the X button myself on the Tablo to delete the Tablo from the iPhone.

Ok, I’ll ask if she updated the app (perhaps restored her phone?) but ‘doubt she even noticed if it had updated. Practically certain she allows everything to auto-update. We may know better but wives do that sort of thing.

So while technically, it may not have “lost pairing” in the usual sense it still managed to effectively lose pairing now unable to stream remotely as promised in the marketing literature. Alrighty then…

+1 this feature request. As a user, I would like to be able to view devices that are currently paired with my Tablo so I can view/disconnect devices. It is a security issue for me that I can not know what devices are currently allowed to connect to my Tablo. If a family member or friend connects to my Tablo on their mobile device while visiting, I should be able to later manually disconnect them (as an admin role), so that they may not connect to my Tablo remotely. In fact, I believe NO device should ever be able to connect to my Tablo unless I provide a password, pin, or other credential that authorizes them to do so. This of course, is different than authentication… which so many have requested be done differently than is done today, too.

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