Cutting the cord: What kind of deals are you getting on Internet only packages? (old thread)

I am interested in hearing what kind of deals cord cutters are getting on Internet only with their providers once they drop cable?

I will be switching to Comcast Internet only (from Verizon FIOS).   They typically send me $30/month for 1 year (25Mbps).


I’d take $30/month…

I’m paying… $47 for Cox Cable 25/5 right now. They wanted $59 after I cancelled TV, I said I’m cancelling internet too, they dropped it to $52, and I said I’m going to FIOS, and they said $47 is the lowest they can go, heh, to either take it or go to FIOS.

I would really like 2/yr @ $30/month.   I don’t know if that is going to be possible?

After modem rental fee and taxes, I pay $48 a month for Uverse Power Tier (45/5 Mbps).  But that is a 50% off promotion that I have managed to negotiate for a 2nd year in a row.   

U-verse Max turbo 24 down on att for $39 which is a 12 mo promotion.  I have it set on the calendar to renew it every year and talk them down every time

I had WOW (Wide Open West) for cable, Int and Phone. I dropped Cable just recently. 15/1 plus home phone at $52/month. Includes modem rental.

I had ATT set up to install but for some reason they didn’t come out. When I called they stated they never had an install set up. I canx’d the whole thing. Would have been a nice savings to similar to @tacopeland stated above. Maybe I will try again in a month or two.

FiOS promo offer to get me back (had them before, then was with Comcast) was $39.99 for 50/25 (which recently became 50/50).

I don’t have any of the netflix issues that some Fios customers are having, I can stream HD netflix without any issue or delay at all.

Wish FiOS was available here… sounds like a great deal.

Sucks to be living where I have no choice. Comcast is the only option for me. Nice legal monopoly

No choices here ether. Time Warner $57.99 30 Mbps (promotion for one year) after my year is up I think I’m dropping down to 20 Mbps and I’ll be roughly the same price.

I’m paying $76 a month for 50 down, 10 up for internet only from Comcast.  I should mention that’s down from nearly $200 a month for their cable dvr garbage plus internet. My only other options here are dialup or 4 down / .25 dsl from AT&T.

ISP: Teksavvy (NO CONTRACT!)
Type: DSL
Price: $39.99 Canadian btw
Downstream: 25MBit
Upstream: 10Mbit
CAP: 300GB/ Month
Unlimited usage between hours of 2am and 8am ($57.99 for unlimited usage with the above specs)

I have AT&T U-verse.  Price not shown to avoid embarrassment (talking about my own, that is… it’s really, really, really expensive).

@cjcox, i’ve been highly successful at talking them down.  give it a shot.

I use Teksavvy $34.95 Canadian for 75GB, which is all I need because I use the Tablo for most of my content. 

Cable 10 Up to 10 Mbps Down / 2 Mbps Up

I will be using Mediacom, which is in the midwest (US) only I believe.  $60/month for 100down and 10up.  Pretty excited aboot this speed. 

Cincinnati Bell is about to lay down gigabit fiber in my area…  No word on pricing yet though.

Mediacom 105/10 for $74 with tax. No phone or contract.

Comcast and my current provider WOW identify internet speed with upload where ATT is download. So the question this non tech guy has is…What is the upload for ATT? What is best for internet with three laptops via wifi and streaming video’s.

Am I correct that ATT Uverse works well? 

My provider has had issues since June. No clue why but all of a sudden service is intermittent. I tried to install ATT Uverse but there was a mix up of the install date. 

Last night my son was playing a game via wifi, my wife was working via wifi on her laptop and talking on the (voip) phone while we had Amazon paused (wired ethernet). The system couldn’t handle it once the phone call came in. I need to switch, WOW has not provided what I need.

By default it is Comcast or ATT Uverse. No other options here in Chicago suburbs. I welcome all comments.

The problem with either is that it can vary by location.  Thus, U-verse where I live in Texas, could be radically difference support wise than Chicago.  With that said, cable is worse because it can vary based on neighbor load.  So… there’s a bit more uniformity with U-verse.  Obviously big fat copper coax can beat the tiny twisted pair from AT&T… but it needs to because of the unknown load issue when it comes to cable.  With U-verse it’s (ideally) more predictable.  There’s a bit more protection with U-verse as well.  Cable still has neighbor sniffing issues… which was sort of neat when I was with Time Warner because their Video on Demand was viewable, so you could watch what your neighbors were paying for.  Another problem with cable systems is they are very slow when changing channels TV wise… but we don’t care about that here (I hope).

With all that said, cable should be a whole lot cheaper than U-verse.  If not, then U-verse must always win.  Of course it wins if the whole sniffing thing concerns you (you don’t like your neighbors knowing what you are doing all the time).

I have a small family, wife and daughter.  Lots of simultaneous streaming going on… haven’t seen any problems on U-verse, but I currently do have the Max Turbo option (we’re downgrading soon though).

Btw, I am a previous Time Warner and previous Comcast user.