Current state of Android TV app?

Anyone using the Android TV app? Which device? What are your feelings on it?

I’m considering buying an Android TV soon, and I’d like to know how it runs, especially if someone could compare it to the Roku app.

It’s great in my opinion. I run it on the Nexus Player and it is basically flawless. I almost never see anyone have a complaint about it on here. Only issue with it right now is that you have to manually start recordings after you select one but I’m sure that’s a bug that will get fixed soon. It’s just an annoyance, but not a big deal considering how well the rest of it works

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It does seem to have less complaints compared to other platforms. Part of the reason I am interested in Android TV is the more capable hardware.

I’m not sure if you consider the Fire TV an Android TV but I run the Tablo app on it and it works great. This is the box, not the Stick.

I got a Fire TV box (in addition to Roku 3) for the same reason, but I can tell you that for reasons I don’t understand, the extra processing horsepower does not translate to a faster performing Tablo app (compared to Roku 3).
I realize this isn’t an Android TV, but Fire TV OS is built on Android, and I believe the Tablo app is the same or very similar for both.
In most areas of the UI, Roku is faster than Fire TV, but Fire TV does have additional UI elements that Roku doesn’t.
Just my experience so far…

Thanks for the response. I have avoided getting a Fire TV because I haven’t been very impressed by the performance with my experience using one. If I am going to replace my Roku with anything, it probably be Android TV proper. I might go pick up an Android TV at Best Buy or something to do some testing for myself.

While at a different price point, the Nvidia Shield is very appealing to me…as it truly has enough grunt to overcome apps that are not performance optimized.

Nor have I, and not just the Tablo app, but Netflix for example, is much slower to load, and much slower to stabilize on HD streams (with 120mb internet) than Roku. As I said earlier, I don’t really get it, given the specs.

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It’s possible there could be a successor to the Nexus Player announced tomorrow with specs in between the Nvidia Shield and the Nexus Player at a more affordable price point.

I’m with you though - I would love a Shield. I watched a few video reviews and there is almost literally no wait between any actions. Buffering seemed to take less than 1 second for any stream.

Yea, looking forward to hearing Google’s announcements tomorrow…
I’m a Nexus phone fan as well, and just picked up the Nexus 6 from Amazon for $349 (as upgrade from Nexus 5) - but may return it for one of tomorrow’s new phones depending on price and features.
I had a Logitech Revue Google TV (yes, early adopter addict), but haven’t bought into Android TV yet - mostly due to the way they handled Google TV in general (very poorly IMHO).
Hopefully Android TV will be given a little more respect! :smile:

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I finally got my Nexus Player set up, and I’m surprised the Android TV platform isn’t more popular around here. It doesn’t have any of the problems that the Roku app has. No lag starting up, instant playback (instead of the 10 second “Loading…” screen I have been used to on Roku.

My only complaint is that scrolling through the recordings should have an animation when you scroll down a page. Right now there is no animation so it’s not quite as beautiful as the rest of the app. I love how you can access all the options available on the Chrome web app.

@TabloTV @TabloSupport can you pass on my positive feedback as well as my very small request to your Android TV team?

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Will do!

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I’m not sure if this has been reported elsewhere, but the resume option from the previous time mark has never worked on my Nexus Player (Android TV). Although it gives the option and the correct previous time mark in the drop-down, it always starts at the beginning no matter what. All versions (app, firmwares) are up-to-date. The resume function does, however, work properly using the Android app on my phone and tablet.

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I’ve noticed this also. Otherwise I’m pretty happen with the Android TV app.

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@TabloTV @TabloSupport after using the Android TV app more, I have noticed a few more things which would be awesome to see fixed or added. Many of these have already been requested previously but I thought it might help to consolidate.

  1. The resume function should actually resume where you left off
  2. Playback should start immediately, not requiring another press of the play button. Also, you should be able to use the “Ok/Select” button to start playback after skipping through frames (commercials)
  3. Integrate into the “Recommendations” portion at the top of the Android TV Leanback launcher. It would be awesome to start up my Android TV, and instantly see the most recent recording waiting for me there, with a shortcut to jump into playback immediately. Considering other apps which are much worse and less developed have implemented this feature, it doesn’t seem like it would take too many resources for you to add.

Other than those suggestions, I am extremely happy with the Tablo app experience on Android TV, moreso than at any other time since I bought my Tablo. Keep up the great work!

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@getcashmoney -

The play/pause issue should be fixed in the next release.

Resume is a trickier beast… We have plans to make this more rock solid, but it’s part of a bigger initiative that will take some time.

And adding recordings into the ‘recommendation’ bar is definitely on the to-do list as part of that bigger plan I just mentioned.


Interesting. I have two Nexus Players (liked the first one so much, consistent “family” use interface, etc.) and mine will resume playback hitting the ok button (big round one in middle of pointer circle).

Most of the times I have problems with resume where left off is when something weird happens like my router reboots and there is no clean hand-shake of exiting the program. Even then, sometimes it works. But I wonder if it is more recording related than hardware somehow… I have noticed some sports events don’t want to resume where left off…

Anyway, another +1 for Nexus Player (1st gen) - just wish I could get Amazon Prime to install on it, but that’s an Amazon proprietary BS issue - they want to force you to have THEIR player to use their service… shortsighted in my mind…

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@getcashmoney I also have a Nexus Player. The Tablo app is great. I had a few issues with “playback error” which would stop a recording, but my 2 year old figured out to just hit the select button on the remote when watching Thomas the Train or Daniel Tiger… This has been fixed in the most recent app update. Hoping for even better performance in the next firmware update.

@TabloTV +1 for the Recommendation bar

My one gripe right now with Fast forwarding (FF), which behaves differently that I’d like. I’ve posted this before, but below is a summary.

Playback previously worked like this (Matching the behavior of hitting the 30 and 20 second buttons on my Android App for smartphone):

  • While a recording is playing I hit the right dpad and it skips forward 30 seconds and continues playback.
  • While a recording is playing I hit the left dpad and it skips backwards 20 seconds and continues playback.

Playback now works like this on my Nexus Player:

  • While a recording is playing I hit the right dpad and it skips forward 10 seconds and pauses playback.
  • While a recording is playing I hit the left dpad and it skips backwards 10 seconds and pauses playback.

I MUCH PREFER the way it previously worked. The thumbnails inform me of when to stop skipping, but playback is continued. This is how most DVRs work. I think Netflix behaves this was as well, unless you hit it too many times, then it just goes to thumbnails and you have to select which thumbnail you want to start on. This isn’t bad, but would probably be hard to implement.

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I’m surprised they changed this behavior. That old way sounds much better!

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I agree - the new style of ending the skip in paused mode is weird, requires an extra key press, which is just going to wear out our remotes faster. I too would prefer it do the jump then continue.

I’m also puzzled about the change to 10 seconds … now it takes 3 key presses to skip the typical commercial, and would much rather see each key press = 30 seconds like it used to, and the backup 20 seconds (helpful to clean up an overshoot).


These are still available for pickup at local Best Buy store through their ebay store for $50.

So tempting…

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